.22 Ammo Prices Dropping

.22 Ammo Prices Droppinggunwatch.blogspot.com/ ^ | 6/16/2017 | Dean Weingarten Posted on 6/16/2017, 12:22:15 PM by rktmanI have been tracking .22 rimfire ammunition and availability for some time. The .22 Long Rifle bubble has lasted for years. With the election of President Trump, I expected the bubble to bust. Instead, it has been deflating, like a balloon with a pinhole leak. The demand for .22 ammunition has been so great that a 20% increase in supply, and a Second Amendment friendly administration did not bust the bubble. Instead, they stopped the growth, poked a hole in the bubble, and started a downward spiral of prices.At Cal Ranch Supply, I expected there to be some .22 ammunition at high prices. The prices were above historical averages, but they had dropped considerably. There was plenty of ammunition available in several brands. The man behind the counter and I had a discussion about the situation. He showed an excellent practical understanding of basic economics.Supply of .22 was no longer a problem, he said. The store did not have any limits on purchase. Walmart has dropped their 3 box limit nationally, as well.(Excerpt) Read more at gunwatch.blogspot.com …

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