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Putin to Oliver Stone: Obama Created a ‘Minefield’ for Trump
Lifezette ^ | 6/16/17 | Zachary Leeman

Posted on 6/16/2017, 7:27:46 AM by markomalley

“We did not hack the election at all,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin to “Snowden” director Oliver Stone in the fourth and final part of Showtime’s fascinating series, “The Putin Interviews.”

The Russian leader was more fiery than ever in a conversation that took place in February of this year — after Donald Trump had been inaugurated and after conspiracy theories about Russia’s potential hacking of the presidential election became the favorite expression of upset over the election results among Democrats and the media.

“Certainly, we liked President Trump and we still like him because he publicly announced that he was ready to restore American-Russian relations,” said Putin when Stone asked him about the new American president.

Of a statement Hillary Clinton made in which she blamed Putin and Russia for the outcome of the election, Putin said, “This is a very silly statement.”

Throughout the time viewers have seen Putin conversing with Stone, he has been calm and collected. It seemed nothing could inspire him to raise his voice or get offended. That changed somewhat when he talked about the American media painting him as a villain.

“It would be hard to imagine any other country — even a country such as Russia — would be capable of seriously influencing the electoral campaign or the outcome of the election,” said Putin. “And some hackers indeed revealed problems that existed within the Democratic Party, but I don’t think that it has influenced in any serious manner either the electoral campaign or its outcome.”

Putin continued by pointing out that Donald Trump ran a better campaign than Clinton, plain and simple. “Judging from everything, the American people have been waiting for some serious change,” he said, adding that “security, unemployment, jobs” and “traditional values” were on the minds of American voters in 2016.

He continued, “And Donald Trump and his team have been very wise in running their electoral campaign. They knew, they understood where their voters were located, which states had the most electoral votes.”

Putin said he thought Trump understood the average voter better than Clinton. “He knew the fiber in the souls of the people,” he said — though he wasn’t a full-blown supporter of Trump. “When I watched his speeches during the electoral campaign, I thought he went a little bit too far from time to time,” the Russian president admitted.

Putin dropped some hard truths not many leftists want to hear right now: that hackers merely revealed information that should have already been known to the American public and that those facts likely had little to do with the outcome of the election.

“They didn’t tell any lies. They were not trying to deceive or fool anyone,” Putin said of hackers, people he said could have been from anywhere, as reports have provided no “concrete” proof of Russia’s involvement.

“One intelligence service says that there is a great probability that Russia has interfered. Another intelligence service says that the probability, the certainty, is not that great. They make some conclusions based on the analysis that they have conducted. Nothing clear-cut,” the Russian president said. He added that the vilification of Russia felt “like hatred for a certain ethnic group. Like anti-Semitism.” He said Russia was merely an “instrument” for an internal political war in America.

Putin also admitted he expected almost nothing to change under Trump because after working with three different presidents, he understood the power of bureaucracy in America, and he also understood the difficult task in creating serious change, especially for Trump.

“I think that Obama’s outgoing team has created a minefield for the incoming president and for his team. They have created an environment which makes it difficult for him to make good on the promises given to the people,” said Putin.

The Russian leader also told Oliver Stone he thought the press and the Democratic Party buying into and pushing conspiracy theories felt like an attempt to “undermine” the president.

He called people like Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and others who vilify Russia and press for aggressive relations and possible war live in the “old world” and have no interest in peace.

Stone and Putin later addressed cyber warfare, the upcoming elections, and the history of Russia.

Stone has never been a friend to the Left or the Right. An independent thinker and filmmaker, he has praised both Republican and Democrat politicians and always earned a fair amount of controversy. For his time spent with Putin, he should be applauded. While others in Hollywood spread dangerous and careless rhetoric and buy into conspiracy theories as easily as greedy, face-saving politicians, Stone took the time to do something many journalists have failed to do: He dug for the truth.

Overall, his interviews with Putin were a mission of peace by the Vietnam veteran who has always been anti-war. He does not want to see America buy into the warmongering rhetoric coming from the Left in regard to Russia and Russian allies. He and Putin agreed on one thing again and again during their time together: that America and Russia should be at peace.

Beyond the journalistic value of Stone’s miniseries, this work also offers proof that the filmmaker still has it as a storyteller. He found a great story — and through his questions to Putin, he dug into the beliefs of a man who is mysterious to many.

From the first hour to the last, “The Putin Interviews,” piece by piece, became a strong achievement, both as a factual narrative to combat lies in the media and as a portrait of a man who — regardless of anyone’s thoughts of him — is one of the most mysterious and important figures in the world today.

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