The Hate Has Boiled Over…………………..

The Hate Has Boiled Over
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Posted on 6/17/2017, 4:23:03 PM by davikkm

The hate has boiled over. Politically-fueled rage has become the newest craze. We all need to chill out. Maybe smoke a ‘lil weed. Have a beer. Get a massage. Anything to reduce this obsession many Americans have over our current political arrangement.

We have certainly been heading this way with the media spewing out its constant propaganda against the Trump administration, essentially accusing them of treason with zero evidence presented, signaling to all the crazy individuals out there that there is an illegitimate president in the White House.

The shooting of Congressional Republicans this week at a morning baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia is a natural outcome of the angry political environment at the moment where hysteria and hate trump facts and logic time and time again. And it’s not even election season yet!

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