Has Democrat Jihad Started?

Has Democrat Jihad Started?6/19/2017 | arrogantsob Posted on 6/19/2017, 3:23:49 PM by arrogantsobOver the past two years we have watched the level of violence perpetrated by the Left grow and grow. During Trump’s campaign there were scores (or more) of attacks on his rallies. Hundreds of his followers were injured by these terrorist attacks. That is what they were.Now after months of Democratmedia hysteria attempting to remove the legitimate winner of the last race, we have seen our first actual shooting and attempted murder.Anyone with any integrity would have to admit on examining this case, that the shooter must have been radicalized by these incessant smearing of the President. How long before someone tries to actual cut off his head?Since this guy knew that he likely would not survive these shootings I am declaring that he is the first of an oncoming Democrat Jihad against the Republicans. How long before Nancy Pelosi lionizes him as declares him a “martyr”.

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