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Seniors To Get Screwed – A Third Time?

Jun 19, 2017 Read More Articles by Devvy KiddWhile the insanity and madness continues out in DC by absolute scum bags in the MSM, members of the Democratic/Communist Party USA and various Hollywood ‘stars’ in their efforts to destroy President Trump, bills have been introduced in Congress that are getting ZERO attention we must fight to get passed.

For the THIRD time, Rep. Thomas Massie [R-KY] has introduced a bill to stop taxing social security benefits. No more federal taxes taken out of YOUR social security check. The time to stop this rape should have happened four years ago but it never happened because there wasn’t an outcry by tens of millions of Americans.

I’ve done my best over the years to bring the bill to everyone’s attention as has many hard working folks in organizations like AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, who have supported the bill each time Rep. Massie has introduced it only to see it die in committee.

Rep. Massie Re-introduces the Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act, May 19, 2017WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Today, Congressman Thomas Massie re-introduced the Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act (H.R. 2552), which would eliminate income taxes on Social Security benefits. The bill would boost the retirement income of millions of older Americans.  Social Security is financed with Americans’ tax dollars, so taxing Social Security is double-taxing by the Federal Government,” said Congressman Massie. “Taxing Social Security reduces benefits to seniors.”

“I am proud to again co-sponsor Congressman Massie’s bill to protect our seniors,” said Congressman Rod Blum. “This is a common sense bill that will end the double-taxation of our seniors. Our seniors pay enough Social Security taxes on the front end, and it is irresponsible for the government to tax them again on their earned benefits.” “Income taxes on Social Security benefits is a double-tax on seniors when many are already being squeezed financially,” said Congressman Daniel Webster. “This is wrong and I’m pleased to co-sponsor this legislation to repeal this tax.” Congressman Jim Bridenstine said,

“The government taxes, redistributes, then taxes the redistribution. Thomas Massie’s bill is a step in the right direction.”“West Virginia seniors need relief from higher costs of living,” said Congressman Alex Mooney. “Seniors have worked hard to earn their Social Security benefits and have already been taxed on their contributions to Social Security.  The Federal Government tax on Social Security is a double-tax and its repeal would provide an immediate increase in benefits for our seniors.”

“The purpose of Social Security is to provide people with financial support during retirement, not to be another source of tax revenue for the Federal Government. Under this legislation, Social Security benefits would neither be taxable nor reportable on individual tax returns, thus restoring the integrity of the program.

”When Rep. Mooney said above that repealing this rape would provide an immediate increase in benefits for our seniors let me give you an example about a woman I know. Her SS is $2,323.00 per month. No taxes are taken out of her ‘benefits’ each month because as her only source of income and living alone, every penny goes towards eating, things like insurance and a mortgage.Then, come April 15th along comes the tax man and says you owe 20% per month in taxes on the social security benefits you collected last year. That would be $464.60 per month – over $5,000 a year!

Almost $500 a month in taxes on social security benefits this woman ALREADY paid taxes on her whole life.Now do you see how this is double taxation that hurts seniors? Sure, that woman could have the taxes taken out of her check each month, but what would she be left with to eat and make only the most basic monthly expenses? . $2323.00 less $464.60 = $1,858.40.By stopping this DOUBLE taxation, there’s just one example of how a senior would benefit well over $400 a month she should NOT have to pay since she’s already paid taxes on those benefits. Now, you might say 20% tax is a bit high, but like tens of millions of seniors, this woman has no deductions. No big real estate holdings, stocks or anything else.

But, even if the senior is only taxed at 5% or 12% it doesn’t matter- the bottom line is every senior is being double taxed.

You may not be a senior right now but we all become seniors unless the Lord calls us home before age 65. So, this bill affects ALL Americans; not Republicans or Democrats or independents or any other flavor. ALL Americans.What we the people must do:

1.  Make H.R. 2552 a hot topic in this country. Call into every talk radio show and bring it up. Where were Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham and all the other conservative talk show hosts out there the last two times this same bill was dying in committee in Congress?

2.  Do you belong to AARP? They have about 30 MILLION members. If AARP put ………………….


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