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Who profits today from the global warming/climate change industry, worth trillions of dollars?”Why are billionaires, media, academia, environmental movement promoting the enslavement of their citBy Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

—— Bio and Archives June 19, 2017Comments | Print This | Subscribe | Email Us“One must give the Soviets their due. No other country is capable as are the Soviets of manipulating public opinion in the West.”—Natalie Grant WragaFew intelligent people understood the global environmental communist agenda twenty years ago but Natalie Grant Wraga did.

The majority did not pay careful attention and the MSM presented the environmental agenda of Cultural Marxism in a very positive light that seemed logical.Most people understood the chemical and trash pollution of air, water, and soil. We could see it around us. Nobody wanted to live in a dirty world, polluted beyond safe and healthy habitation. Who can possibly object to the protection of endangered species that have been overhunted for food, selfish predatory trophies, or tribal customs?

But that is not what the environmental Cultural Marxists referred to—they wanted to decarbonize our civilized life, turn us back to a more primitive living in order to better control every facet of our lives, and to reduce the much maligned CO2, the gas of plant life, to levels progressives determined were safe for human and animal habitation.In an article published in June 16, 2008, “The Marxist Roots of the Global Warming Scare,” Wes Vernon quoted Natalie Grant Wraga: “Protection of the environment has become the principal tool for attack against the West and all it stands for.

Protection of the environment may be used as a pretext to adopt a series of measures designed to undermine the industrial base of developed nations. It may also serve to introduce malaise by lowering their standard of living and implanting communist values.”Wes Vernon mentioned in his article that Natalie Grant Wraga died in 2002 at the age of 101 and “was an internationally-recognized expert on the art of disinformation.” In her obituary in the Washington Post, “Herbert Romerstein, veteran intelligence expert in the legislative and executive branches of government, described Grant/Wraga as ‘one of our leading authorities’ on Soviet deceit.”

He further said that John Berlau of Investors Business Daily “wrote that some of the most respected scholars on Soviet Intelligence have credited this woman with teaching them how to penetrate desinformatzia, Moscow’s term for its ongoing operation to deceive foreign governments.”Natalie Grant Wraga published her article, “Green Cross: Gorbachev and Global Enviro-Communism,” in the spring of 1998 at the age of 97. Very involved, alert, and out-spoken, Grant………………MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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