Fox news tucker Carlson (the term narcissist or sociopath by Librals)

Skip to comments.Fox news tucker Carlson (the term narcissist or sociopath by Librals)Posted on 6/19/2017, 9:43:47 PM by PCPOET7As a conservative I become very angry at the treatment of conservatives in the media and love it when Tucker Carlson takes to task liberals that come on his show .Most are unprepared to defend whatever idiotic thing they have said on line or in the news and Tucker Carlson tears them apart.I have noticed a trend in the media over the last two years that I find disturbing and that Tucker Carlson seems blind to. That trend is the Use of the Terms a narcissist or sociopath.A lot of the Liberals coming on his show will make the claim that certain politicians are narcissist or sociopathic for disagreeing with them or will use it as an excuse for not treating a view that someone has with respect.The moist disturbing part of this is that usually there are three types of people using this claim of a serious personality disorder.Those that have little or no understanding of the terms and they are just making an ad hominem attack or the person actually might be a narcissist or a sociopath and just see it as an avenue of attackThen there are the professional Psychiatrist or psychologist that knowing very little about the person on a professional level who make a diagnostic claim in hopes that there professional qualification will lend credence to the claim and discredit the person rather then discrediting the person or idea through argumentI would like to get Tucker Carlson to start

calling people out when they use these terms because the uneducated and uninformed tend to grab a hold of the claim and rather then thinking through the rhetoric believe what they hear.Anyone can call fox news insider 1-888-369-4762 and leave a message and I hope to get this addressed by him……………


Source: Fox news tucker Carlson (the term narcissist or sociopath by Librals)


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