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Heartbreak Ridge – Wikipedia

Heartbreak RidgeFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHeartbreak RidgeHeartbreak Ridge theatrical release posterDirected by Clint EastwoodProduced by Clint EastwoodWritten by James CarabatsosJoseph StinsonStarring Clint EastwoodMarsha MasonMusic by Lennie NiehausDesmond NakanoCinematography Jack N. GreenEdited by Joel CoxProductioncompanyMalpaso ProductionsDistributed by Warner Bros.Release dateDecember 5, 1986Running time130 minutesCountry United StatesLanguage EnglishBudget $15 million[1]Box office $121.7 million[2]Heartbreak Ridge is a 1986 American Technicolor war film directed and produced by Clint Eastwood, who also starred in the film. The film also co-stars Mario Van Peebles, Marsha Mason, and Everett McGill.

The film was released in the United States on December 5, 1986. The story centers on a U.S. Marine nearing retirement who whips a bunch of undisciplined recruits into shape and leads them during the American invasion of Grenada in 1983. A portion of the film was filmed on the island.The title comes from the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge in the Korean War. The character played by Eastwood received the Medal of Honor for his actions in the conflict.Contents  [hide] 1 Plot2 Cast3 Production4 Music and soundtrack5 Reception5.1 Reviews5.2 Accolades5.3 Box office6 Home media7 See also8 References9 Bibliography10 External linksPlot[edit]Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway is nearing mandatory retirement from the Marine Corps. He finagles a transfer back to his old unit, the Second Marine Division.

On the bus trip to his new assignment, he meets fellow passenger “Stitch” Jones, a wannabe rock musician who borrows money from Highway for a meal at a rest stop and then steals his bus ticket, leaving him stranded.When Highway finally arrives at the base, more bad news awaits. His new Operations Officer, Major Malcolm Powers, is an Annapolis graduate who transferred over from Supply and has not had “the privilege” of combat. He sees Highway as an anachronism in the “new” Marine Corps, and assigns him to shape up the Reconnaissance Platoon. “Recon” is made up of undisciplined Marines who had been allowed to slack off by their previous platoon sergeant. Among his new charges, Highway finds Corporal Jones. Highway quickly takes charge and starts the men on a rigorous training program. They make a last-ditch attempt to intimidate Highway with “Swede” Johanson, a gigantic, heavily-muscled Marine just released from the brig, but their plan fails miserably after Highway defeats Swede easily.

They begin to shape up and develop esprit de corps.Highway repeatedly clashes with Powers and Staff Sergeant Webster over his unorthodox training methods (such as firing an AK-47 over his men’s heads to familiarize them with the weapon’s distinctive sound). Powers makes it clear that he views Highway’s platoon as only a training tool for his own elite outfit. Major Powers goes so far as to make the Recon platoon lose in every field exercise. However, Highway is supported by his old comrade-in-arms, Sergeant Major Choozhoo, and his nominal superior officer, the college-educated but awkward and inexperienced Lieutenant Ring. After Highway’s men learn that he had been awarded the Medal of Honor in the Korean War, they gain respect for him and close ranks against their perceived common enemy.Highway also has personal problems.

Aggie, his ex-wife, is working as a waitress in a local bar and dating the owner, Marine-hater Roy Jennings. Highway attempts to adapt his way of thinking enough to win Aggie back, even resorting to reading Cosmopolitan to gain insights into the female mind. Initially, Aggie is bitter over their failed marriage, but tentatively reconciles with Highway. Then Highway’s unit is deployed for the invasion of Grenada.After a last-minute briefing in the hangar bay of the amphibious assault ship USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2), Highway’s platoon mounts their UH-1 Huey, and are dropped by helocast into the water in advance of the rest of the Battalion Landing Team. While advancing inland, they come under heavy fire. Highway improvises, ordering Jones to use a bulldozer to provide cover so they can advance and destroy an enemy machine gun nest. They subsequently rescue American students from a medical school.

Later, when they are trapped in a building by enemy armor and infantry, radioman Profile is killed and his radio destroyed, cutting them off from direct communication. Lieutenant Ring shows initiative and comes up with the idea of using a telephone to make a long distance call to Camp Lejeune and call in air support.Later, despite Powers’ explicit orders to the contrary, Lieutenant Ring, Gunny Highway, and the Recon platoon take out a key position and capture enemy soldiers.

When Major Powers learns this, he bawls Ring and Highway out and threatens Highway with a court-martial, but their commanding officer, Colonel Meyers, arrives and reprimands Powers for discouraging the men’s fighting spirit, calling Powers “a walking clusterfuc………………


Source: Heartbreak Ridge – Wikipedia


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