Marines: Chinese LPDs Send A Message………………

Marines: Chinese LPDs Send A Message

…….China Goes After ReaperPHOTO: Bye Bye MinesJuly 1, 2017:

China launched a fifth 071 class amphibious ship in June 2017 and apparently it will enter service by early 2018. The first one arrived for duty in 2007 and by the time the second one entered service in 2011 the Chinese apparently realized they would need more than the four they originally planned to build.

There is a sixth one under construction.The 071s are LPD (landing ship dock) type vessels and were the largest ships in the Chinese Navy until the first aircraft carrier enters service in 2013. But Chinese aircraft carriers are still a work in progress the Chinese found the LPDs more useful than expected right away.These LPDs are 210 meter (689 foot) long, 20,000 ton amphibious ships with a flight deck for up to four helicopters and a well in the rear for landing craft. It normally carries four hovercraft in the well and two smaller landing craft suspended on davits. The ship can carry up to 800 troops (500 are more common) and up to 20 armored vehicles. The 071 class ships are similar to the American 25,000 ton San Antonio class or the French 21,500 ton Mistral class. The 071s have the smallest crew (120) compared to 180 in the Mistral and 396 for the San Antonio.Armament consists of a 76mm gun, four 30mm anti-………MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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