Our President Is a Street Fighter!!!!!

Our President Is a Street Fighter
American Thinker ^ | 07/06/2017 | Janice Shaw Crouse

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George W. Bush is a gentleman and his father, George H.W. is too, even more so. Both were attacked maliciously and aggressively by the media and by their political opponents. I admired the civility of both presidents who were above the fray. But their presidencies suffered defeats because they were unwilling to fight fire with fire. Donald J. Trump is a different man, a different politician and a different president. Trump is a street fighter. He is going to be aggressive and cunning when politicians and the media come after him.

President Trump is naturally combative, having honed his skills on construction sites among hard-hat workers. He knows the common man and he believes that if you don’t stand up to a bully, he’ll run over you and enjoy doing it. He does not back off from a fight, and that’s exactly why working class and middle-America elected him President. The American people are tired of political bullies who throw their weight around and hit below the belt rhetorically. Donald Trump in effect said, “You hit me, I’ll hit you 10 times harder and I’ll throw you out of the ring.” Voters in 2016 responded that they wanted the bullies busted!

I prefer civility. I like a good debate. I was a champion intercollegiate debate coach. I like confronting opponents with respectful, cordial and logical argument. Generally speaking, that’s how things are or should be done. The GOP was fairly good at that — but in the past the media-political complex generally were also playing by common rules of engagement; civil exchanges were expected in the halls of power. Yes, there were exceptions and media distortions are nothing new, but there used to be limits (celebrity children were off limits

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