Vanity – CNN dies…..Democrat Party not far behind!!!

Vanity – CNN dies…..Democrat Party not far behind!!!Posted on 7/7/2017, 3:05:43 AM by JLAGRAYFOXCNN has self-destructed, committing it own “TV” suicide at the hands of “Zucker” & staff, and the Democrat Party with its very own “internal” self-destruction effort, is not far behind.Unless Time Warner immediately fires the entire staff from leader, Zucker on down….CNN will soon not exist in a short time!!! Once a brand name & reputation like CNN had & owned, is destroyed, it cannot be brought back to life, unless the broom sweeps clean, across the board.And….the Democrat Party is not far behind the fate of CNN!!! It, too, is destroying itself with each passing day!!! I will not comment further…because, I so dearly desire to see the “TRAITOR” Democrat Party to disappear, politically…forever!!!GOOD RIDDANCE TO BOTH CNN & THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!!! GO DJT…MAGA!!!

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