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The Left’s Hatred of Western Civilization and American Values
Rush ^ | July 10, 2017 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 7/10/2017, 3:22:02 PM by Kaslin

RUSH: Folks, I just continue to marvel at the left’s singular focus on nothing. Their attempt to manufacture something out of literally nothing is unabated. It goes on. It defies common sense. And at the same time, do you remember last week when Trump made his, what I thought was just a great speech in Poland about Western civilization and Western values and how Poland was instrumental and crucial to the United States in terms of European partnership in this regard. And Trump made the statement that, do we have the will, will we have the energy, the desire to defend Western values, which is who we are and what we are.

I knew there was objection to it at the time, but it’s singularly instructive to note the literal cow that the left is having over the assertion of

greatness of Western values. Places in mainstream media, mainstream media, which is indicative of just how far out to the left the mainstream of the American left or Democrat Party has become. The nonsense, the paranoia, the fear, the hate, the unbridled hate over the expression of Western civilization, Western values.

For those of you that are not quite sure how to define Western civilization, you have to think of people like Winston Churchill, you have to think of the founders of this country. Western civilization is simply that which led to the United States of America. It’s instrumental in the founding, the values, the overall view of humanity and the world. And it has been one of the greatest acknowledgments of the human condition in the history of the human condition, and that being the United States’ Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the entire setup of the United States of America.

Look, I’ve always known that liberals are far gone, and I’ve always known they’re extreme, and I’ve always known they’re hateful. But I continually — and I shouldn’t be, I guess — but I continue to be surprised over just how far gone they are. There is now a genuine — we have to just call it what it is. There is a genuine hatred for this country and its great traditions and institutions. And it appears at first glance to me like it happened overnight. It hasn’t happened overnight; that’s the point.

It has been effervescing for decades. We had four years of George W. Bush and all of this was is there, but it wasn’t expressed, it wasn’t portrayed as mainstream liberal Democrat thought. Within a week of the election of Barack Obama, it seems like that wing of the party, the people that voted for Obama because of his policy orientation, not because of his race, had become something distinctly not American. And it was like a jack-in-the-box popping up to me. And it was a shock.

And the sad thing is it continues to be. Even though I know who these people are, and I know how long they’ve been out there, and I know that they’ve been infiltrating and inculcating and propagandizing in schools and in the pop culture for decades and decades, the fact that mainstream names, people that have, you know, up until the last two or three weeks we see their name on a news story, you think liberal, you think Democrat, but you don’t think wacko extremist.

What this is adding up to is Trump’s speech on Western civilization is now being called a shining example of racism and bigotry, white nationalism, white supremacy. And in this we are discovering what these people have always thought of this country. It’s just recently, relatively recently that for whatever reasons they feel entirely comfortable and confident in going public with it, with no caveats and no qualifiers. It’s just stunning. And it’s on display each and every day here.


RUSH: This is an offshoot on Trump’s speech on Western civilization and Western values. And wait ’til you hear some of the actual reaction from journalists whose names you probably know. You’ll be stunned into disbelief or laughter.

CNN’s White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny Calls Trump Poland Address ‘White America, America First.’” Jeff Zeleny used to be at the New York Times. This is supposedly a highly respected journalist. And he heard Trump’s speech on Western civ and Western values and said, this is great, I mean, this is white America, America first, as though both things are almost criminal, and now politically unacceptable.

Zeleny: Trump address in Poland a ‘White America, America First’ speech

We can’t have America first. There’s no such thing as America first. All cultures are identical and the same. Nothing special about America. There’s nothing exceptional about America. The problem with America has always been it’s too white, and now we’re doing something about that, and Trump aims to stop it. So Trump is a white nationalist putting America first, and this is a political crime.

Somebody at MSNBC named Nance, don’t know their first name, “Trump’s Poland Speech Was the Fulfillment of Osama Bin Laden’s Ideology.” Let me read that to you again. People that watch MSNBC heard some vaunted analyst say that Donald Trump’s speech in Poland on Western civilization was the fulfillment of Osama Bin Laden’s ideology.

How many of you can tell me what Osama Bin Laden’s ideology is, or was? Sharia law, ladies and gentlemen, Islamic supremacy, Sharia law, death to infidels who do not believe in Islam. The ideology of Osama Bin Laden is mass murder, however it can be achieved, and an MSNBC analyst equated Donald Trump’s speech in Poland with that. Is it any wonder that deranged lunatics on the left are grabbing guns and trying to shoot Republicans?

Howard Dean: “Trump Administration is a Criminal Enterprise Running This Country Right Now.” Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post: “The World Looks at North Korea as a ‘Crazy State,’ But We Won’t Talk About How ‘Unstable’ Trump Is.” This is because of his Western civilization speech in Poland. So now Trump is worse than Kim Jong-un, the potbellied little dictator of North Korea, who’s getting his jollies firing off would-be nuclear missiles.

And Maxine Waters makes the cut here: “Trump ‘Looking More Like a Dictator than a President’.” We gotta include her just for the humor value of all of this. All of that a deranged, delusional hatred and anger at Donald Trump for the expression of Western values and Western civilization, which, to put this in perspective, won 49-state landslide victories in 1979 and 1984. Ronald Reagan, two 44-, 49-state landslide victories based on the decency, the goodness, the tradition of Western civilization and Western values. And look now some short decades later.


RUSH: I think the big deal of the day is the reaction to Trump’s Western civ speech. Folks, really, in my estimation what’s happening to our country and what’s happening to our culture is the singular greatest issue most important, to me, anyway. The daily onslaught, the daily attack, the attempt to totally destroy American civilization, Western, American culture, bothers me as much as anything else going on out there.

WOW President Donald Trump’s INCREDIBLE Speech To The People Of POLAND 7/6/2017 AMAZING TRUMP SPEECH

And to me it’s mind-boggling to listen and see some of the reaction to that speech. You realize, as I said, those same values, the same belief, country founded by God, we are all created by God, endowed with certain inalienable rights — life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. This is the stuff that’s under assault as white nationalism, as white racism, as the problem with America is, it’s been all white too much of the time, and white values. That means Christianity. We were a slave nation. Let me tell you something about that.

The real truth about the United States and slavery is that we ended it. The United States of America was one of the first nations in history to end slavery, and 500,000 plus Americans lost their lives in the process. It was called the Civil War. There are other factors as well, but slavery was a key element. And the reason is that slavery did not comport with American values! It had to go, and it did! And yet if you listen to the mainstream, if you listen to civil rights activists, why, you would think slavery is still alive and well and that that’s what white nationalism is. It’s so patently absurd.


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