Dems Get No Traction From Russian Scandal: Polls Are Flat – Lunch Alert!

Dems Get No Traction From Russian Scandal: Polls Are Flat – Lunch Alert!
Dick Morris ^ | 7/13/2017 | Dick Morris

Posted on 7/13/2017, 1:47:22 PM by Signalman

Synopsis of video:

The Russian “scandal” has had no effect on President Trump’s approval ratings.

The Rasmussen poll, the most accurate since it only interviews likely voters, has Trump at 45% approval, unchanged over the last three months. The last poll was taken July 11th. Other polls are also, essentially, unchanged.

The Dems’ obsession with Russia will likely backfire on them. They are making the same mistake Hillary made during her campaign. They have no message!! It’s “Russia Russia Russia” 24/7. The scandal is big, inside the Beltway (Dems, the media) but the rest of the country is tired of it and are tuning out and getting bored with it.

There is a similarity between what is happening now and back in 1998 when the GOP talked about “Monica Monica Monica” all the time and, in the mid-term elections, the GOP only gained 4 seats in the House and the Senate remained unchanged. The same thing is happening now to the Dems.


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