News With Views | CNN Is Part Of A World Awash In Lies. What Can You Believe In?

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CNN Is Part Of A World Awash In Lies. What Can You Believe In?Jul 16, 2017 Read More Articles by Rev David Whitney Lies, lies and more lies that is what we have discovered CNN is pedaling on its pro-ported news broadcasts. And it is not just that they have abandoned all the cannons of journalistic ethics.

It used to be that no self respecting reporter who served in any capacity would turn in a story unless there were two credible sources they were relying upon. It is of note that this standard was rooted in the Biblical Law that required a minimum of two witnesses in a capital case for a conviction to be reached.

What we see at CNN and many other news outlets today is a wholesale rejection of that Biblical standard.The evidence now is that the entire Trump – Russia collusion narrative was made up merely to boost ratings and that they all knew they were lying. Now many people are saying, so what, what harm has been done?

A great deal of harm as this false narrative has pushed two super powers toward launching a deadly new war. And there is so much more damage that has been done by their continuing fake news. Another example of their bias was revealed in a Harvard Study showing that CNN’s coverage of President Trump is 93% negative. Is this objective journalism?

1]“While CNN president Jeff Zucker says that viewers trust his network “more than ever,” now there’s even less reason to do so. In the wake of CNN’s recent scandal, in which it was caught knowingly peddling fake news, it now has done it again, presenting on air a fake National Enquirer cover as real…CNN is, however, supposedly taking the matter seriously, referring it the network’s standards and practices department…………………


Source: News With Views | CNN Is Part Of A World Awash In Lies. What Can You Believe In?


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