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They Won’t Do It, Because They Watch Fake News!
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Posted on 7/17/2017, 3:45:21 PM by davikkm

Why don’t they know that President Trump is continually being stalked for “blown up” and minute assumptions made up by an idiocracy (a government ruled by idiots)? Why don’t they know this? Because they watch fake news! They sit in front of an outdated television set, and they listen to a proven fake news TV station. They won’t listen to another viewpoint, as they are too brainwashed to do so. This has to make up the population of the fake news zombies – those who keep these stations on the air and these idiot broadcasters coming into work everyday.

Am I mad and fed-up? You have no idea!

I will be quoting from: https://medium.com/@hannibalmoot/this-is-a-perfect-example-of-someone-who-has-only-watched-the-fake-news-mainstream-reports-about-c4c60f0a708c

By the way, the above writer is one of my favorite.

Lets look at what he is saying, and the point he is trying to make, which is basically the same point I am trying to make, too. I woke up this morning in a rage over this fiasco of the constant Trump stalking by the Democrats.

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