The left’s maniacal war on common sense…………..

The left’s maniacal war on common sense
WND ^ | 07/16/2017 | David Kupelian

Posted on 7/17/2017, 2:21:09 PM by ForYourChildren

Exclusive: David Kupelian highlights startling pattern of perversity, insanity, destructiveness!

A major crime wave is ravaging your neighborhood – not only frequent break-ins and burglaries, but armed robberies, assaults and even murders. What do you do? Do you arm yourself and make sure your doors are locked at night and add a security system?

Or … do you intentionally leave your doors unlocked and post a large, brightly lit sign saying, “Welcome criminals and psychopaths. There’s a lot of money in here, women too. The doors are unlocked and we are unarmed”?

In today’s America, one of the two major political parties favors the latter option.


Unfortunately, it’s not just with regard to crime and public safety that the left piously champions policies that utterly defy common sense. It’s the same in almost every area of life:

– Responding to relentless LGBT pressure, ..

– With Obama-era taxes and regulations ..


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Source: The left’s maniacal war on common sense


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