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Obama’s Army – Organizing for Action
Article V Blog ^ | July 31st 2017 | Rodney Dodsworth

Posted on 7/31/2017, 4:51:03 AM by Jacquerie

Both the Convention of States (COS) Movement and Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action (OFA) pursue change, but from entirely different foundations and for opposing purposes. The former works to restore the best of the American Tradition; the latter works to destroy what is left of it. I fear we are losing the war for the American Soul. While the foundations of the American Tradition are beyond reproach and easily defended, the Obamatons simply out-organize us.

When I visited the OFA website [] , I foolishly expected a bold mission statement of Progressivism, a smack between the eyes with exactly what fundamental transformation of the United States is, and what it intends to accomplish. In other words, what is Social Justice, what is it built upon and how will the nation get there? Silly me. Instead, I found Saul Alinsky’s dream come true. OFA organizes community agitators nationwide for revolutionary change. A former President of the United States traitorously leads the charge.

After eight years of Obama twaddle, I should have known that Progressives daren’t define Social Justice. That which isn’t defined cannot be accomplished. As long as Social Justice remains just out of reach over the rainbow, Social Justice Warriors (SJW) can justify their eternal jihad against the American Tradition.

As illogical as it sounds, not knowing where they are going is what keeps SJW going. It is that shallow and non-sensical, yet millions of Americans have hitched their intellectual horses to intellectually empty wagons. The fatal deceit of Progressivism is the promise of Social Justice through change. Left unsaid is that the pursuit of Social Justice cannot possibly end until they silence counter-revolutionary opponents, which is ongoing on colleges campuses, TV news, Facebook, and Twitter.

I found no mention of Alinsky at OFA, but . . .

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