What Trump’s Transgender Tweets Reveal About the Culture Wars

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What Trump’s Transgender Tweets Reveal About the Culture Wars
Acculturated ^ | July 28, 2017 | Bethany Mandel

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The breakdown of American social norms is advancing at a lightning pace. Just five years ago if you were told a woman doesn’t necessarily have a vagina, and may instead have a penis, you might have called that insanity. Today, you’re a hateful bigot if you don’t subscribe to this kind of thinking.

Not only are adults being told this, but children are also being taught this in schools. Parents are receiving guidance from Planned Parenthood and other liberal bastions on how to talk to preschoolers about transgenderism and masturbation. Yes, you read that right: preschoolers. The Daily Wire reported this week:

In new guidelines issued on the official Planned Parenthood website, the federally subsidized corporation explains how parents should talk to their pre-schoolers about gender roles, sexuality, masturbation, and transgenderism, even offering tips on how to tell if your toddler “is transgender or gender nonconforming.”

Filling the head of your three-year-old child who thought he was a dinosaur last week with confusing messages about sex and gender? What could possibly go wrong.

Thanks to some tweets from President Trump, transgender issues are back in the news. On Wednesday morning he posted:


His ploy was daring in its simplicity: Trump tweeted about the most controversial issue in America, neglected to actually change policy before doing so, and succeeded in deflecting attention from the Republican health care bill while winning back some needed points with conservatives who are infuriated by his treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Why did Trump choose the transgender issue? It is the best example in American culture of an issue about which the elites feel one way, but a great number of Americans feel differently. One of the best representations of just how out of touch elites are from Americans on this issue can be found at your local Target. Last year, Target’s corporate leadership decided to institute what it considered a feel-good policy, and perhaps gain some inclusivity points among liberal activists, by declaring that customers could use the bathroom with which they “identified,” rather than the one that corresponds to their anatomy. Amazingly out of touch with their own customer base, Target has faced a devastating backlash. Target was shocked by the reaction, but would not have been had its corporate leadership and marketing team actually been in touch with how the American people feel about their families going to the bathroom in a stall right next to someone of the opposite sex.

While many on the Left and the media (but I repeat myself) are outraged about Trump’s latest tweets, which are merely meant to stoke the fire of the culture wars, what they don’t seem to understand is they are buying President Trump his reelection.

As usual, conservatives are being told by those wishing to drastically alter the fabric of our society, “Why do you care about transgender issues if you’re not affected?” For those who have concerns and objections about ignoring chromosomes and anatomy in favor of feelings, we know, in the words of Erick Erickson, we will be made to care.

The morning of President Trump’s announcement I tweeted as much, and watched my mentions column explode. The same folks who have opposed President Trump on the basis of misogyny and women’s rights spent the day calling me a “raging c***” and other epithets. But it didn’t stop there. It never does. There are consequences for straying from the approved groupthink. My friends, employers and even my husband received tweets and emails about my remarks. I received notifications my LinkedIn profile was being viewed. The message from the masses is clear: if you’re not with us, we will actively try to destroy your life, your work, and even your marriage. Again, the same folks accusing Donald Trump of misogyny were tweeting my husband to rein in his woman. This is feminism in 2017. Men can encroach on every single female space, even La Leche League meetings, and if women object, our husbands receive a full report of our misdeeds.

With the gay marriage debate there were many on the right who took a “live and let live” philosophy. But we learned it’s not enough for gay marriage to be legalized; activists on the Left also were out to punish anyone who wasn’t totally on board. Religious Americans not interested in participating in gay weddings, like bakers and photographers, had their livelihoods destroyed. Americans aren’t going to make that mistake again. The transgender lobby is out to drastically alter our society, and will lob accusations of bigotry at anyone who shows even the slightest hesitation to endorse their cause. The same life-destroying tactics the Left used against those who didn’t want to participate in gay weddings will next be used on those who won’t pretend a man can become a woman on nothing more than a whim.

Donald Trump knows this, and knows Americans are reaching the limit of what they’re willing to accept. The hysteria regarding his tweets only solidifies his support, despite hopes from the Left that accusations of bigotry will erode it.

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