Andrea Parker and John Lamb-End of day update….(BUNKERVILLE STANDOFF TRIAL)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Andrea Parker and John Lamb-End of day update….(BUNKERVILLE STANDOFF TRIAL)
You Tube ^ | 7/31/2017 | J Grady/John Lamb/Andrea Parker

Posted on 8/1/2017, 9:45:30 AM by Spiridon

(John Lamb speaks at :26)….Things that have happened today have just been jaw dropping. Hard to comprehend all this stuff. Being here is the only way that you can actually get all this in and just understand this tyranny and this crookedness going on in this court.

(John Lamb speaks at 2:18) …One of the jurors brought to the judges attention in a note that she had received a text message today from a friend.

And this text message she had received….says ‘you have two hours more to pass a death sentence on these defendants’…..Juror Number One, she received a text message from a male friend, some other friend of hers on her cell phone telling her she had just two hours to pass a death sentence on these prisoners.

Then we brought that juror in, the judge questioned her and asked her her relationship with this guy, how long she’s known this guy and if she could still continue not being biased….still a lot of decisions to be made here.

The defense team was shocked at it. The prosecution just fumbled around. Noboby has made a decision whether to get rid of this juror or to keep her…..

….This juror’s ex-husband was actually… US Park Service personnel…..

(Excerpt)

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