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Vanity | 8-2-17 | Self

Posted on 8/2/2017, 9:45:38 AM by CincyRichieRich

So this morning, watching ABC/MSNBC/CNN (8-2-17) only because it is what the commie gym manager has on, they are touting, “Trump’s history of trashing the GOP”…and some loser (R) Congressman, “Dent”, Pennsylvania…doesn’t matter who, just some loser anti-Trump goober who should be caned, like in Singapore.

After watching this, I have a theory.

I believe the R’s really want to be in the minority – and notice in the majority, they act the part anyway. Some time between now and November 2018, several R’s will somehow retire for “more time with their family”…Soros will have paid them off enough to make it worth it…losers (metaphorically and literally) will step in to run against a “D”. They will lose just like McCain purposely did in 2008. Or, some will just not drop out and lose like that anyway.

Then, with Mueller and the MSM, and the newly minted “D” majority, they’ll try to complete the coup against Trump with impeachment. Again, they will TRY, I am not saying succeed.

Just my theory. I’m not crazy and I don’t think this is too far-fetched. Soros has enough $ to make them believe it worth it – and their seemingly Sith-based-dark-side hate for Trump is that deep…………….




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