Drug Cartels Fuming At New U.S. Border Truck Inspections……………………………..

Drug Cartels Fuming At New U.S. Border Truck InspectionsOANN ^ | 3 Aug 2017 Posted on 8/3/2017, 10:45:07 AM by mandaladonOAN NewsroomThe Trump administration is allowing customs officers to screen all cargo trucks coming into the U.S. in an effort to crack down on Mexican drug cartels.Under the Obama administration agents would only conduct random inspections allowing cartels to run their concealed loads through the border, but border security forces will now……..use technology to screen every cargo truck.According to the Department of Transportation about 471,000 trucks pass through the U.S.-Mexico border on a monthly basis.Officials say cartels often use other routes to transport drugs, but their preferred method is driving through a port of entry.

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Source: Drug Cartels Fuming At New U.S. Border Truck Inspections


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