Trump’s Biggest Mistake So Far………………………?

Skip to comments.Trump’s Biggest Mistake So FarPosted on 8/3/2017, 11:31:38 AM by GoldenState_RoseFiring the Mooch. BIG MISTAKE. I do not care what anyone says. He was brilliant at the press conferences. And as Diamond and Silk pointed out, for the 10-11 days he was on, Russia was not the narrative and the swamp was only starting to get drained. The moment he was fired and General Kelly came on board: more leaks than with Priebus in charge!!!

And swamp creatures getting a free pass galore.The next few weeks is going to be a dark period for the White House until President Trump gets his bearings and trusts his instincts again rather than listen to the “wisdom” of even well meaning people like………..

…….. Pence who likely cannot handle the fake media flack and think appeasement is the answer.


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