Zakaria: Trump Victory Was ‘Class Rebellion’ Against ‘People Like Us’………………………..

Zakaria: Trump Victory Was ‘Class Rebellion’ Against ‘People Like Us’

Guest Column imageBy — Brian McNicoll AIM —— Bio and Archives August 3, 2017

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By now, the remarks Fareed Zakaria made earlier this week on CNN are losing their power to shock.

Asked on New Day how Trump won, Zakaria said, “The election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us, educated professionals who live in cities, who have cosmopolitan views about things.”

That’s because the white bigots all went for Trump.

“…just another excuse, like Russia, to make sure Hillary doesn’t accept responsibility for her loss.”

“A real sense of cultural alienation, older, white, non-college education Americans have, a sense that their country is changing because of immigrants,” Zakaria said. “Because maybe blacks are rising up to a central placed in society, because gays [are] being afforded equal rights. Because of, frankly, working women. Everybody is muscling in on the territory that the white working man had.”

If this were true, we simply should thank white working men for saving America again and move on. But it’s not. It’s what Jesse Watters of Fox News called in a segment on Zakaria’s statement, “…just another excuse, like Russia, to make sure Hillary doesn’t accept responsibility for her loss.”

First, the numbers don’t add up. White voters made up about 70 percent of the electorate. About 22 percent of Americans have college degrees. That means, at most, 30 percent of the population could be white men without college degrees. Trump got 48 percent of the popular vote, arranged in such a way as to give him a comfortable victory in the Electoral College.

A map of counties that flipped from Obama to Trump in 2016 shows that many of those counties were in the upper Midwest – in Iowa and Wisconsin, where Trump scored surprising victories, and a few in Michigan. Of the 81 BOOT counties – they went for George W. Bush in 2004, Obama for both of his terms and Trump in 2016 – most also were in those areas.


Were they bigoted, myopic, selfish, jealous-of-the-social-climb-of-others voters in 2008 and 2012? Or did they sign up for the Klan only after the 2012 election? Do they marry women who “have cosmopolitan views about things” and somehow convert them to a life of racism and “cultural alienation?” Or were they so monolithically in Trump’s corner that they were able to overcome the votes of their womenfolk?……………..




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