HIJACKING America with Social Engineering By Preston James, Ph.D

HIJACKING America with Social Engineering


A long term Babylonian Talmudic Globalist attack has been covertly deployed to take the fruits of your labor and all your assets, to destroy you, your family, your community, American Society, and our very Republic.

by  Preston James


The feminized male is epitomized by Donatello’s David (L), who nonchalantly stands on his warrior’s helmet. Da Vinci’s David poses confidently on the right.

It is an age-old, inter-generational “bloodline plan” to globalize the world and bring it under the rule of a single entity, an entity from the Dark Side. 

It was deployed beginning in 1913, and is now being accentuated on multiple fronts, and in earnest right now. The driving forces behind this effort to transform American into a third-world Globalist surrogate nation are the social-engineering methodologies of the Babylonian Talmudics.

And we now know for certain that there is a small core group of Babylonian Talmudics who are satanic pedophiles, and who are empowered by the Dark Side that sets the top policies, and which then create and manage the deployment of all these social-engineering methodologies.


This plan has reached its nexus in America since 1913, when the Babylonian Talmudics (BTs) bribed and human-compromised enough members of the US Congress and the President to pass the Federal Reserve Act.

Passage of this act illegally and unconstitutionally transferred US money-creation and -distribution to a private City of London pseudo-banking franchise. This franchise itself was hijacked by the Rothschild (aka Bauer) family, and these are the folks who became the leaders of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, over 1000 years before.

The Federal Reserve System (FRS) was privately incorporated in Delaware in 1914. It is not a bank, nor is it a monetary reserve, but is little more than a sophisticated Ponzi scheme which issues debt-notes, calls it money – now mandated by bogus federal law – and then charges pernicious usury (illegal interest) to we Americans who use it.

This COL covert financial system including the massive FRS is the greatest financial fraud ever perpetrated on mankind. It is designed to eventually entrap the whole world in a massive, self-imploding web of debt that will bring the whole world to its knees. This is expected to prepare the nations and the people of the world to accept a NWO one-world government leader who will establish a new electronic, crypto-monetary system based on Block-chain tracking……………..




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