Trump’s Unintended Consequences: Driving the Media You-Know-What Insane

Trump’s Unintended Consequences: Driving the Media You-Know-What Insane
American Thinker ^ | August 4,2017 | David Prentice

Posted on 8/4/2017, 4:01:13 PM by Hojczyk

Most Trump supporters have a list of reasons for supporting him. America first, stopping illegal immigration, economic resurgence, better trade deals, nominating conservative judges, taking the country back – any and all of the issues he championed will do. Those are part of the great agenda, and he has actually moved the ball forward on most issues he fought for.

Less commented on but every bit as important are those things you might call the unintended, and simultaneously very surprising, consequences of Trump’s presidency.

These start with the media exposing themselves. Most of us knew about left-leaning media bias, but the fawning press given to Saint Barack got a lot of us to see just how bad this problem was. Sean Hannity was entirely accurate in 2008, pronouncing that journalism is dead.

Good historians are likely writing about what happened to the media. Recently, Sean Hannity interviewed Camille Paglia, left-leaning feminist. Here is what she had to say about the media’s fall:

It’s obscene. It’s outrageous. Okay? It shows that the Democrats are nothing now but words and fantasy and hallucination and Hollywood. Okay? There’s no journalism left. What’s happened – okay – to The New York Times? What’s happened to the major networks? This is an outrage.

I’m a professor of media studies, in addition to a professor of humanities, okay? And I think it’s absolutely grotesque the way my party has destroyed journalism. Right now, it’s going to take decades to recover from this atrocity that’s going on, where the news media have turned themselves over into the most childish fraternity, kind of buffoonish behavior.

Thirty years to recover? Awesome. It’s a welcome unintended consequence of Trump’s presidency, the passing of media charlatans. Marvelous indeed.

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