West Virginia Rally Just Makes Washington Hate Trump More Rush Limbaugh.com ^ | August 4, 2017 | Rush Limbaugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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West Virginia Rally Just Makes Washington Hate Trump More
Rush Limbaugh.com ^ | August 4, 2017 | Rush Limbaugh

Posted on 8/4/2017, 3:14:34 PM by Kaslin

RUSH: I told you it was gonna be this way, and now we’ve got the evidence. I told you. People came in here today, “Man, wasn’t Trump great? Wasn’t Trump great last night? Did you see that crowd in West Virginia?” I said, “Yeah.” “You don’t think that’s gonna make the people in D.C. stop and take notice?” I said, “Are you kidding me? That’s gonna make them hate him even more.” And I have the evidence to back that up.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Open Line Friday. Getaway day here on the EIB Network. That’s because I about screwed up. I almost told people where I’m going. I’m too famous. I can’t do that. Oh, man, how fortunate am I to have caught that. Anyway, it’s Open Line Friday, and the telephone number, if you want to be on the program, 800-282-2882. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

It was the chef. The chef came in this morning about 10:15, and the chef is a huge Trumpist. The chef just loves Trump, and the chef is all “Did you see that rally last night? Did you see that speech? Did you see those people?”

I said, “Yeah.”

“I mean, do you know those people in Washington, when they watch that, they’re just gonna have to come around. They’re gonna have to know that people love him.”

“Ah, ah, ah, no. No. That, unfortunately, is not what will happen.” What happened already is the people in Washington who saw that rally in West Virginia last night hate Trump even more and are even more committed to getting rid of him, if that’s possible. This is standard operating procedure. This is human nature. And here’s why, folks.

Above and beyond all the obvious reasons, there isn’t, I don’t think, there isn’t a Democrat today who could announce a rally in West Virginia or anywhere. And, by the way, do you know that Trump won West Virginia over Hillary 60-some-odd to 20-some-odd? Trump beat Hillary by 40 points in West Virginia. That’s why that governor there, Buford T. Justice switched parties from Democrat to Republican.

By the way, Snerdley, your formatting today is excellent. It’s just perfect. How much extra time did it take you? But, see, once you get the templates down, you just gotta plug stuff in. That’s the beauty of it. You don’t need to do it each and every document.

Anyway, so Buford T. Justice changes parties. Why would he do it? Look at the outcome here, is Joe Manchin far behind? Trump won West Virginia by 40 points, but the truth is, inside the Beltway, they know there’s not a single Democrat, not even Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz and her IT guy could draw a crowd like that. (interruption) It’s not going to do anything to Senator Capito. Is not gonna change her mind on anything. She has declared she is in and of the establishment. It’s not gonna change her mind on anything.

AMAZING: President Donald Trump BIG ANNOUNCEMENT SPEECH Rally Huntington,West Virginia, Jim Justice

Folks, Trump had a great line. We’re gonna get into the sound bites. Trump had a great line. This is a great theme they’re picking up on. Not only is the D.C. swamp attempting to run a coup on President Trump to get him out of there, what they’re really trying to do is deny your choice of president. This is a genuine constitutional threat because what official Washington is really trying to do is ultimately claim it doesn’t matter who you vote for. If they don’t like it, they’re gonna do everything they can to nullify it or cancel it. The Constitution doesn’t matter.

That’s what this all means, and that’s what the Trump administration message is. Trump got it out there. Jared Kushner actually started it about a week ago. Trump amplified it last night, and then Kellyanne Conway today on TV picked up with it and ran it even more. It’s exactly right. The people of this country voted for Donald Trump. The official Washington swamp is trying to get rid of Donald Trump. And what it actually means is that they are trying to deny the outcome of the election on a totally fake and false premise, this Russian collusion business.

And now Mueller has this grand jury impaneled, which, you know, I’m reading all these guys, “It’s not that big a deal, Rush. Grand juries happen all the time in these –” No, they don’t. There aren’t grand juries in counterintelligence investigations, and that means this has become a criminal investigation. And we now know that Mueller has hired yet another Hillary donor, another Hillary judge, another Hillary fundraiser from a white-shoe New York law firm who left the law firm. That means this guy expects to be earning money on Mueller’s team for years.

I’ve heard people say, “Rush, you can’t have obstruction of justice without a crime.” Yes, you can. You know, I’ve made the point that Mueller should not even exist because the special counsel regulations in the DOJ require a crime to have been committed. You cannot appoint a special counsel and an investigator without an underlying crime. Well, there isn’t one. They’re looking for a crime. That’s exactly what’s going on. These people are shopping for a crime, and they’re even going back eight, 10 years to Trump’s businesses and whoever it is that might have purchased or leased apartments in Trump Tower, for example.

Now, Trump has drawn a red line, and he has said if Mueller goes over this red line, if Mueller starts looking at my business and stuff that has nothing to do with what these people have been caterwauling about, I’m gonna get rid of him. Well, it’s gonna be really tough to fire a guy who just impaneled a grand jury. Also, you’ve heard that Congress is trying to pass a couple of Trump-can’t-fire-Mueller bills. Those are not constitutional, but it’s not gonna stop them.

They cannot write legislation that alters the Constitution. They cannot amend the Constitution with statutory legislation. That requires the methods prescribed in the Constitution for amending it, and they just can’t sit there and write legislation saying Trump can’t fire a special counsel. They could do it. They can pass it. Trump will veto it. They can’t override it, it’s not constitutional.

But the point is everything these people are doing is pushing this country closer and closer to a constitutional crisis, rooted in the very obvious effort they have undertaken to both get rid of Trump and to essentially deny the outcome of the elections. I should say the election. They are trying to deny the outcome under a fake and phony and so far no-evidence-to-support-it premise, that Trump’s election is illegal or unjust or illegitimate because of collusion with Russia. Now, remember that Trump dossier. We have learned that the Fusion GPS outfit, which is tied to the Democrat Party, wrote the Trump dossier that Comey and John Brennan relied on as the basis for their investigation. Get this. This is what I read last night. And I didn’t get an attribution to this. I looked and I couldn’t find it. So I’m just gonna have to put it out there with the caveat that I can’t source it for you, but it was stated that the Donald Trump Jr. meeting with the honey pot forms the new basis of the collusion investigation.

If that’s true, it means that nothing they supposedly uncovered the last seven months panned out. If that is it? So these people are searching for a crime. And with unlimited time and money, they can find one. In fact, they can create one. They can trick people into committing a crime, a process crime, trick them to lying. But you can clearly have obstruction of justice without there being a crime, people try to impede the investigation even though there’s no underlying crime. So that’s the direction I think that they’re gonna go.

But this Trump rally last night was a clear illustration of the gigantic disconnect that exists in this country from the people that live in Washington and work there to people outside and the people in the rest of the country. There isn’t a single Democrat who could draw a crowd like that. There isn’t a single Democrat who could draw a crowd like that who could be that raucous and supportive. Do you realize how that just had to create a gamut of emotions for the swamp people? I mean, every day they live with this reality.

They tell themselves they’re getting closer every day to getting rid of Trump. They’re getting closer and closer. They just made mincemeat of him. This Jim Acosta guy is out there saying he made mincemeat of Stephen Miller. He took it to Miller and everybody knows that Miller was made to look like a fool! It’s unreal how detached these people are who now want to attach a, what, 135-year-old poem to immigration policy? Anyway, what happened here is these people in the swamp are watching this, and they just get angry, ’cause they think every day they’re getting closer.

They’re getting closer to getting rid of Trump, and the news is reporting how close they’re getting. The news in the Drive-Bys every day! They’re dropping the hammer on Trump every day, and then West Virginia happens, and the crowd obviously is not even paying attention to what’s going on in D.C. The crowd was raucous, the crowd was excited, the crowd was supportive, and the swamp people watching this say, “How can this be? That crowd’s supposed to not even show up now. They’re supposed to hate Trump!”

But rather than that crowd inspiring the swamp to think, “You know what? We may be on the wrong side of this,” it just steels their resolve to want to get rid of Trump even more — and it steels the swamp’s resolve to want to take away the election results from you even more. How much of you know the name Stu Rothenberg? (interruption) I know you know the name, Snerdley. Tell me off the top of your head who he is, Mr. Snerdley. (interruption) “Pollster, political consultant, activist, appears on TV now and then as a commentator.” He hangs out with think tank people.

He went on a tweet storm last night. He was beside himself watching this. I quote here from Ben Shapiro’s website, The Daily Wire. The author here is John Nolte. “While President Trump was wowing his supporters last night at a West Virginia rally — where the governor of that once-Democrat stronghold announced his shift from the Democrat to Republican Party — [Stuart Rothenberg] let loose a few [tweets]; unleashed a torrent of prejudice against an entire state filled with more than 2 million Americans. The problem is, it was mostly lies…

“Rothenberg, a plugged-in and longstanding member of the [Washington] elite, started with this smear about the people of West Virginia…” Here’s what he tweeted. ‘Lots of people in West Virginia can’t support themselves or speak English.’” This is one of the most highly reputed and respected members of the Washington elite, Stu Rothenberg. He is 70 years old — and he’s white, by the way — and yet he has survived. White and 70 years old — an old white Democrat whose hatreds and bigotry have just been compounding.

They have been seething in rage ever since Trump won the election, and he’s watching… What did I tell you I told the chef? I told the chef this morning, “The people in the swamp are gonna be angry and livid. They’re gonna be ticked off at Trump and they’re gonna be really mad at the people of West Virginia. They’re not gonna see that they gotta change their ways.” Stuart Rothenberg at 7:49 p.m. last night tweeted, quote, “Lots of people in West Virginia can’t support themselves or speak English.” That sounds like the Democrat Party constituency, to me!

What’s he doing putting it down?

That’s exactly the kind of people the Democrat Party’s been cultivating: People who can’t speak English and can’t support themselves! Illegal immigration? Standard, ordinary Democrat voters? That is exactly… Pardon me if I get mad here, but I’m mad. This is an insult. This is exactly who these people are — and, furthermore, that’s exactly the kind of people the Democrat Party has been cultivating. These are the kind of people the Democrat Party wants to build their power base on. People that can’t support themselves or speak English?

Those are objectives for the Democrat Party! But here’s the elite — and I didn’t find out about this until moments before the program began. I didn’t see this last night. I just now saw it. That’s why I’m so livid. I haven’t had time to get over this, and it dovetails exactly with what I told the chef and what I told you. They are filled with rage over these rallies last night where Trump is loved, adored, supported, applauded. They don’t have any compunction about taking your election away from you. None whatsoever.

You’re too stupid and dumb to know what to do right anyway. West Virginia’s unemployment rate. Do you know what it is? It’s 4.6%. Where are all these people in West Virginia that can’t support themselves? Would those be the people that work in the coal business Obama tried to shut down, by any chance? “West Virginia’s unemployment rate is just 4.6%, which ranks it above California, Delaware, Illinois, Connecticut, and Washington D.C. — all Democrat strongholds. As far as English speaking, according to [a] map from the Washington Post, that isn’t even close to a problem in West Virginia” where most people do speak English.

But this by Rothenberg. He is regularly trotted out as a nonpartisan analyst, a learned dean of the Washington establishment. Here’s another tweet from Rothenberg: “West Virginia ranks 42nd in percentage of high school graduates.” Another one: “Of course they’re hardworking. They mean well. They’re just closed-minded, provincial, angry, and easily misled. My wife’s dad was a coal miner in Pennsylvania.” I’m telling you: These are the people who are filled with hatred. The Democrat Party and its associates have become the biggest hate group. It’s all because they lost an election they thought they had in the bag, and now they’re trying to take it away from the people who made it possible and deny the victor his presidency. It’s clear and simple.


RUSH: So our old buddy Stu Rothenberg tweets during the Trump rally, “Lots of people in West Virginia can’t support themselves or speak English. … West Virginia ranks 42nd in percentage of high school graduates. … Of course they are hard-working. They mean well. Just close-minded, provincial, angry & easily misled. My wife’s dad was a coal miner in PA,” and I know what dunderhead idiots they are. I added that for clarity. He didn’t really write that, but that’s what he meant. You know the irony of this?

There was a time not long ago when Stu Rothenberg literally loved West Virginia. You know when that was? When it was represented by a former Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan. When Senator Robert Byrd was a senator from West Virginia, I will guarantee you that Stu Rothenberg thought West Virginia was crucial, important, and even a bellwether in presidential elections. I’ll bet Stuart Rothenberg didn’t say one thing about the intelligence (or lack of) or the education (or lack of) the people in West Virginia who were sending a former Klansman as their representative to the United States Senate.

Don’t forget that “Sheets” Byrd (our popular nickname for him here) filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. But of course Stu Rothenberg, elitist extraordinaire, found nothing wrong with that. He was a Democrat that Hillary and Bill Clinton considered to be their mentor, along with J. William Fulbright. But Trump gets a hero’s welcome and it makes ’em so upset they have to go to Twitter to trash the entire state of West Virginia. That’s who they are, folks.


RUSH: We have somebody from Parkersburg, West Virginia. Snerdley has checked; he does speak English. So we will be able to understand him. His name is Jim. Jim, we’re glad you called. Welcome to Open Line Friday.

CALLER: Hey, mega dittos, Maha Rushie. How you doing?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thank you for the call.

CALLER: Hey, longtime listener. Hey, my wife and I were driving back from the store this morning, and we heard those comments that infuriated you regarding what that guy said about the people in West Virginia.

RUSH: That would be Stuart Rothenberg of Stuart Rothenberg Reports. He’s a political pollster, consultant, analyst, adviser, usually consulted by Democrats. They seek his assistance. Stuart Rothenberg. Since you’re in West Virginia, you can spell. It’s R-O-T-H-E-N-B… I think it’s B-E-R-G. (interruption) Right.

CALLER: Hmm. Not sure I got all that. But I think we can spell in West Virginia, and I can tell you that people that were there at the rally last night, I thought we’d provide a real world perspective versus what someone might be able to look into a crystal ball and not know what they’re talking about.

RUSH: Well, describe the atmosphere for us.

CALLER: Sure. Hey, the atmosphere like a party. It was a very energetic atmosphere. People were having a great time. Everybody was cordial. People were friendly to each other. We were excited to see Rush… I mean, Rush, we were excited to see the president.

RUSH: Six of one, half dozen of the other. Same difference.


RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: I mean, people really looked forward to it — and I can tell you, you know, once the rally started, it was a good time had by all.

RUSH: You know what struck me? You know what struck me, Jim? Here you have… What was the capacity last night, 9,000? I know on the outside, they couldn’t get in. It was overflowing. What’s the capacity inside that hall, 9,000?

CALLER: You know, I’m not sure, Rush. That’s what we heard — the same number on 9,000 — on the news this morning. But I can tell you, the lines outside were wrapped around the building.

RUSH: Oh, I know. That’s common when I show… Sorry. When Trump shows up, there’s always people lined up outside trying to get in who can’t. What I was gonna say to you is: These people are avid Trump supporters. You would expect that there would be some anger, not at him, but anger at the way he’s being treated, anger at the way their votes are trying to be discounted. But I didn’t see any anger at all, like you describe. I looked and it felt like people were in a great mood almost like they were at a party — and they really, really looked like they were having a great time and loved being there.

CALLER: Yeah. We did love being there because, Rush, we see the light. I mean, we’re seeing some economic activity. We’re seeing growth in our state. You know, our economic livelihood depends upon things like oil and gas and manufacture and coal.

RUSH: And the coal industry.

CALLER: Yeah. We’re seeing returns of those businesses and all the families that those businesses support and all the companies that support those businesses and service personnel and union guys and nonunion people and engineers and professionals and neighborhoods and schools. It’s a revival. It’s a renewal, Rush. You can feel it. It’s real.

RUSH: It is. You hear that, folks?

CALLER: I’m telling you, you called it last night.

RUSH: There you have it. It’s real on the ground. It feels real. You can always feel economic activity. I’ve always maintained: People know it because they live it, because they see it — and it’s happening. Unemployment rate in West Virginia is down on 4.2%. The nationwide low is 4.3%. It was a state that went profoundly for Trump for president last November. Jim, thank you for the call. I appreciate it. And all of this, like he said: This is real.

That was real, and it’s the greatest disconnect we’ve ever seen from what’s real outside Washington to the people in the establishment inside it, and they just resent it. They resented it even more last night. They got angrier, bitter, deeper and deeper resentment. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. We’ll start Trump, in fact, talking about job growth in West Virginia in this first bite.

THE PRESIDENT: Economic growth has surged to 2.6% nationwide. You have to understand what that means. Nobody thought that number was going to happen. And at 3% growth in West Virginia. I wonder how that happened?

CROWD: (cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: Three percent growth.

CROWD: (cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: West Virginia, you’re leading the average! When was the last time you heard that, West Virginia?

CROWD: (cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: You’re leading the country’s average! Remember I told you, “Don’t sell your homes”? Don’t sell your homes. You’re doing great. I’m so proud of you. You know, we won this state by 42 points. Can you believe that? Forty-two points.

CROWD: (cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: Since our election — not mine, since our election — we’ve added more than one million new jobs.

CROWD: (cheers)

THE PRESIDENT: And the good news keeps pouring in.

RUSH: It’s 2.6% economic the growth. Obama never had more than 1.5%. Even more importantly than that, when Trump’s budget was revealed — his budget blueprint — in February, Trump had gross domestic product economic growth targeted at 3.5%. Do you remember what the reaction to that was, folks? Do you remember how all the learned experts inside-the-Beltway began to just rip that to shreds as lies and unrealistic expectations? “It’s absurd! It’s irresponsible,” they said of Trump, “to project growth at 3%!”

“Those days in America are over,” they said. These are not the people we want running the show here, people with low expectations, people who are offended if the country reaches 2.5% or 3% growth. Obama every year projected five to 6% growth. He never got anywhere close to it, but he projected it, and they never ripped that. They never called Obama phony, and they never blamed Obama for raising false economic expectations, and they never reported on Obama’s failure to get anywhere close to it.

They just can’t stand it!

They can’t stand it that somebody (from the outside) can come in and run rings around them in the establishment. Now, folks, there’s one thing here that I need to point out. There hasn’t been any major legislation that you would think would have any impact on the economy. And yet, there are several aspects of the economy which are growing left and right, and Trump went through some of the reasons last night. He didn’t sign on to Trans-Pacific Partnership. He did okay the Keystone pipeline and the other pipeline. There have been all kinds of new jobs.

We got more jobs coming downtown pike with Foxconn building the factories they’re gonna build in southeastern Wisconsin. Today two automobile manufacturers from Japan announced they are going to open new plants in the United States. Trump taking us out of the Paris climate accords. There have been a number of steps regarding regulation and other things that the president has been able to do by way of executive action and executive order, which have resulted in already measurable economic growth.

And it is happening. And as you heard Jim, our first caller, say, “You can feel it. You can sense it.” You always can. When there is real economic growth, you can sense it and feel it. In the meantime, have you heard what they’ve done in California? “California Has Ordered ICE Agents Out of Their Offices.” The State of California has told agents from immigration control to get the hell out of their offices in the State Department capitol of Sacramento and elsewhere. They haven’t kicked them out of the state.

They’re just saying we don’t want you anywhere near us, get out of these offices. They are in open defiance of federal law when it comes to sanctuary cities and immigration, open defiance of federal regulation. Just like many inside the Beltway are in open defiance of the presidential election last November. But the economy is ticking up, and Trump is the reason why. There is economic growth. It’s outpacing anything Obama ever did.

The Drive-By Media has stories, “Ah, you can’t give Trump any credit. Why, this is six months in, you can’t credit him. If anybody, Obama should get the credit because it’s his policies that are still having sway over the economy.” It’s BS. Obama didn’t do one thing to open up the expansion of our economy. Obama opened up the expansion of our government, but not the expansion of the private sector economy.

The unemployment numbers today, U.S. hiring maintains strong pace, jobless rate ties 16-year low at 4.3%. The July unemployment rate matched May’s reading as the lowest since 2001. And the U.S. economy added 209,000 net jobs in July, beating expectations by more than 25,000 jobs. We’re still not where we should be on that. Job creation must accelerate if we are to gain the ground we lost during the so-called Great Recession of 2008 and the first four years of the Obama administration.

Now, we’ve got more sound coming up from Trump’s appearance last night. But what Trump demonstrated last night, much to the chagrin and hatred of the Washington establishment, is that he has a strong relationship with the American people. He has no relationship with anything or anyone in the Washington establishment. And this is unprecedented. We actually are in uncharted waters here.

We can sit here and talk about it, but, folks, this is why it is so dangerous, not just for him, but for us. Because there is an open rebellion against last year’s election. And it’s not simply to get rid of Donald Trump. It’s much larger than that. This effort is, in truth, an effort to just ignore and not count the election of 2016.

If they’re able to pull this off, if they’re able to get rid of Trump with their silent coup, what it will ultimately mean is that they, in the establishment, will be able to nullify any presidential election they disapprove of. Uncharted, dangerous waters. The Constitution is in great peril here. And the great irony is that this is the case even though people who have, over the course of their lives, sworn to uphold it and protect it are the very ones launching this assault on it.


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