Watch: Dana Loesch of the NRA Calls Out the New York Times IWB ^ | Mark Angelides

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Watch: Dana Loesch of the NRA Calls Out the New York Times
IWB ^ | Mark Angelides

Posted on 8/6/2017, 8:50:41 AM by davikkm

Popular Conservative pundit and NRA spokeswoman, Dana Loesch, has released a new video calling out the New York Times for their bias, dishonesty and subservient compliance with the Democrat party. She berates them for being complicit with their “Democrat Overlords” and lets them know that the NRA now firmly has them in their sites.

The NRA has in recent history been very politically active; casting their support for candidates is often a good indicator of the candidate’s likely success or failure, but to actually target a News Agency is quite a big leap. And this isn’t a one-off. Just last month, Loesch took the Washington Post to task in a video because of their anti-2nd Amendment stance. It seems the NRA is willing to start getting their hands dirty in the political arena.

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