Savage Predicts War With NK by the END OF AUGUST

Savage Predicts War With NK by the END OF AUGUST
8 Aug 17 | hapnHal

Posted on 8/8/2017, 11:57:49 PM by hapnHal

Tonight Michael Savage predicted that we will be at war with slime ball Kim BY THE END OF AUGUST.

Kim is pushing hard. Sanctions won’t work.

Many of you are knee jerkers, and you say, “Well, just blast North Korea, sanction North Korea.”

What you don’t know is that Trump’s in a corner.

I mean, the instinct if you’re a moron is to strike first and strike hard. … Kill Un has probably put in place the order that if he is assassinated to launch everything at once. That’s the problem. That’s number one. Remember, he’s a madman. Think of him as a total madman. Don’t think of him as a logical man. Think of him as a combination of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin, with the looks of Mao Zedung’s illegitimate child. That’s what you have to think of when you think of Mentally Ill Un. Now, he also has — forget nuclear missiles — he has 12,000 pieces of tube artillery, 2,300 pieces of multiple launch rocket artillery of over 107 millimeters. It’s a big deal.


Source: Savage Predicts War With NK by the END OF AUGUST


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