What will GOP traitors do when Trump is successful?

What will GOP traitors do when Trump is successful?
WND ^ | 08/07/2017 | Mychal Massie

Posted on 8/8/2017, 1:54:04 PM by ForYourChildren

Exclusive: Mychal Massie warns Repubs of retribution for betraying voters, president!

That there is a mélange of Erebusic marplots committed to preventing President Trump from accomplishing his agenda and also preventing him from keeping his promises to We the People cannot be denied.

There was a time when it was inconceivable that politicians from a president’s own party would work so aggressively to undermine his agenda and sabotage his presidency – but that is exactly what Republicans are doing to President Trump.

They are resisting his agenda and strenuously working to make sure his presidency fails. That leads me to my question: What happens if despite the unparalleled obstruction and undermining of President Trump doesn’t prevent him from accomplishing his mission for the American people?

What if, despite Republican opposition to President Trump, he is able to continue to create an environment conducive to job creation and the return of industry to America? What if, under President Trump’s leadership, the American people return to viable jobs with sustainable wages? Will the Republicans fighting him attempt to take credit for the growth or resent his success?

What if President Trump is successful in making America near energy independent despite Senate Republicans taking measures that can potentially have a crippling impact on American energy and American energy companies?


My point is this. President Trump is going to succeed as president, and nothing Republican sellouts and their demonic wraiths can do is going to prevent that…


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Source: What will GOP traitors do when Trump is successful?


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