Former Google Employee: ‘There Are Efforts to Demote Anything Non-PC from Search Results’ Breitbart ^ | 08/08/17 | Allum Bokhari

Former Google Employee: ‘There Are Efforts to Demote Anything Non-PC from Search Results’
Breitbart ^ | 08/08/17 | Allum Bokhari

Posted on 8/9/2017, 8:06:57 AM by Enlightened1

Google was thrown into turmoil last night after the company fired James Damore, author of a manifesto defending viewpoint diversity and a fact-based approach to the alleged gender gap in tech. In exclusive interviews with Breitbart News, more Google employees are now speaking out in support of the manifesto.

Damore’s ten-page manifesto, which was met by an immediate backlash, described a climate of fear, in which employees who challenge prevailing leftist narratives at the company are faced with immediate threats to their career. Damore’s own experience appears to confirm this.

Breitbart News is exclusively publishing a series of interviews with current and former Google employees who contacted us in the wake of the manifesto’s publication.

The interview series, entitled “Rebels of Google,” will be published in full over the coming days. Because every employee who spoke to us fears for their job if their identities were made public, we have provided aliases in place of their real names.

In the first interview of the series, a Google employee (alias “Hal”) spoke of witch-hunts and intolerance at Google, as well as dysfunction at the company’s upper echelons.

Our second interview, published below, is the account of a former Google engineer (alias “Emmett”) who spent several years at the company. You can find a full transcript of our interview here.

We asked  Emmett if he could corroborate allegations that employees within Google’s Ad Sales department have expressed “a great deal of sympathy” with the Sleeping Giants campaign, which has sought to deny ad revenue to alternative media sites including Breitbart News and The Rebel Media.

(Excerpt)

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Some web site will eventually feel the void and Google down the road will be gone if they’re stupid enough to try this.I’ve read about the censoring, but still see a lot of conservative links in Google searchers. Hence, why I still use it.

Once I cannot find what I am looking for, then I will quit using them. It’s that simple.


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