U.S. Planned To A-Bomb N. Korea In 1950 War – Page 2

U.S. PLANNED TO A-BOMB N. KOREA IN 1950 WAR – Page 2Nuclear Weapons And Aircraft Waited For OrdersMacARTHUR NOW CONSIDERS USING THE “BOMB”With the oncoming defeat a distinct possibility, talk of using the Atomic Bomb was making the rounds. General Hoyt Vandenberg, speaking for the Air Force, suggested they were prepared to use it. MacArthur suggested a plan to use numerous bombs. The U.S. had a stockpile of nearly 300 air-burst bombs. Only President Truman could order them used. MacArthur was insisting he be given the sole right to use 50 bombs as he saw fit. He insisted on bombing the Yalu power plants with multiple strikes by B-29s. Suggestions came from all services and every General offered his own plan. Truman announced the U.S. was considering using the Atomic weapon against North Korea. The situation brought up a question in my mind: Our entire military complex was announcing their plans to drop the bomb, but MacArthur, with the same idea, was criticized for planning the same thing. A state of affairs was rapidly going from bad to disastrous. In the war room Vandenberg dismissed the idea of further reprimands to MacArthur. “What good would it do? He won’t obey the orders”. General Ridgway exploded. “You can relieve any commander who won’t obey orders, can’t you?” Thus the idea of relieving MacArthur was on the table. He again requested that the Pentagon grant him a field commander’s discretion to employ nuclear weapons as necessary. He wanted them stockpiled in Okinawa, which they were finally stored ready for use after MacArthur’s request was denied. His plan was to drop between 30 and 50 atomic bombs-strung across the neck of Manchuria, and spread behind us, from the Sea of Japan to the Yellow Sea- a belt of radioactive cobalt for at least 60 years there would be no invasion of Korea from the North. The Russians, he claimed, would be intimidated by this and do nothing. He continued to strongly seek authority to deploy the bomb.NEVADA TEST SITE, OPERATION PLUMBOB SERIES 57 kt…………………


Source: U.S. Planned To A-Bomb N. Korea In 1950 War – Page 2


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