How To Stop A Wayward Special Counsel

How To Stop A Wayward Special Counsel
Daily Caller ^ | August 9, 2017 | Roger Banks

Posted on 8/11/2017, 8:47:51 AM by BurgessKoch

Denizens of the anti-Trump confederacy see Special Counsel Robert Mueller as their best hope to accomplish what Mark Levin has aptly described as a “coup.” The insurrection community has been persuaded by its organizers that Mueller can undo the election, and even avenge the terrible Trump, who cast them into a fiery lake of pain and despair. If not by impeachment, then by successive hailstorms of harassment and headlines, with insoluble dark clouds of suspicion, the insurgents seek to enervate and cripple the president.

Let’s suppose Mueller, and the Deputy Attorney General who appointed him, Rod Rosenstein, are motivated by the same objectives as the febrile proponents of the self-described “resistance.” Suppose they’re pursuing what the president has called “a total fabrication,” a stratagem to wreck his administration, and usurp the sovereignty of the people who elected him.

Is there a way to stop them?

I believe there is. But not with any remedy publicly advocated to date.

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Source: How To Stop A Wayward Special Counsel

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