Swamp Fight

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Swamp Fight
usnews.com ^ | 8/11/17 | Jean Card

Posted on 8/11/2017, 6:13:05 PM by cotton1706

Donald Trump’s public rebuke of Mitch McConnell shows the creatures of the beltway have met their match.

When I reached the acceptance stage of grief over Donald Trump’s seizing the nomination of my Republican Party last year, I predicted that Trump would meet his unexpected match, should he become president: Washington, D.C. itself. I theorized that trying to drain the swamp would be so exhausting, so infuriatingly impossible, that the brawler might finally break his own knuckles punching an intractable opponent.

Truthfully, I pictured a temper tantrum, where The Donald would get so frustrated he’d pick up his toys and children and go home to New York.

Call my prediction a fantasy if you must. In fact the idea does look, increasingly, like my own wishful thinking, given that Swamp vs. Trump is still a fairly even match. The president has not tired, has not shown any signs of fatigue. His right hook – delivered via Twitter or a spontaneous on-camera moment – is just as fresh as ever.

This week, Trump took a couple of swings at an enduring symbol of official Washington, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell – a guy who is so Washington, so entrenched, so establishment, his own wife is a member of Trump’s cabinet.

Who cares if the next cabinet meeting is awkward? Not our commander in chief! Check out the no-holds-barred politician-shaming in this missive:

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