Democrats launch #RiseAndOrganize campaign to build on Charlottesville protests

Democrats launch #RiseAndOrganize campaign to build on Charlottesville protests
Washington Post ^ | August 17, 2017 | By David Weigel

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The Democratic National Committee is jumping into the ongoing waves of protests that have followed Saturday’s events in Charlottesville, launching a #RiseAndOrganize campaign to direct activists toward electoral politics.

“In addition to calling on Republicans to denounce Trump, the next step is getting people to commit to vote,” explained DNC chief executive Jess O’Connell. “This is a galvanizing moment.”

The DNC has spent weeks on a “Resistance Summer” campaign, one of several simultaneous national efforts to galvanize protesters and get them working on achievable political wins. The #RiseAndOrganize campaign, explained O’Connell, would involve Democrats finding the best opportunities to grill their representatives in public, as well as talking to people on the sidelines about the need to get involved.

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Source: Democrats launch #RiseAndOrganize campaign to build on Charlottesville protests


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