1989: #SPLC’s Morris Dees Praised Confederate Flag, ‘My Heritage’

1989: #SPLC’s Morris Dees Praised Confederate Flag, ‘My Heritage’
Black & Blonde Media ^ | 8/18/17 | Black & Blonde Media

Posted on 8/18/2017, 6:06:05 PM by impetrio1

This is my home, I love this area. The Confederate flag flying over that capitol today is just as much a part of my heritage as Dr. King’s March down 6th Avenue. And just because of that, I’m not blinded to the past just like I’m not blinded to the future. I mean I want to move forward.

If you’re Morris Dees, Founder and Chief Trial Attorney of the Southern Poverty Law Center, your past words are easily and conveniently forgotten while you point your finger of sanctimony at whomever you wish.

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