Answering Trump’s question: “Where does it stop?”

So when will it stop? Not until the American people yell, “Stop it, dammit!”

Answering Trump’s question: “Where does it stop?”


In a recent press conference held in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York City, President Trump asked the gathered reporters, rhetorically, “Where does it stop?”

“It” is the attack on monuments.

The only sure answer to Trump’s question is that it stops when protest reaches the point of diminishing – on the cusp of negative—returns to the protesters.

How far might things go before reaching that point?

The Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial are, today, the high-profile targets for Intifa. (More on Intifa in a later article.)

It’s not hard to imagine large, anti-white supremacy protests around each of the big two monuments this fall.

Removing the George Washington Monument would trigger widespread rebranding: Washington, D.C. (becomes just D.C.); Washington Bridge in New York City (the Dinkins-De Blasio Bridge, “The DDB” for short); Washington Redskins NFL Team (D.C. Skins); G.W.‘s face comes off the U.S. currency (replaced by Barack Obama, first non-white POTUS); Washington State (Olympia State);Washington and Lee University (renamed John Chavis University for the former Continental Army soldier who became the first African American student there, in 1795).  Then, of course, there are the schools, towns, counties, and streets to be renamed.

Removing the Thomas Jefferson (T.J.) Memorial brings nearly as many tasks, including taking his and George’s face off Mount Rushmore (Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt are safe—even though recent protestors inside the American Museum of Natural History in New York City called for the removal of his “racist” statue; and, in Chicago, where they didn’t get the memo, aLincoln statue was defaced. Anomalies.).  As with G.W., there are many schools, towns, etc, named after T.J. needing new monikers. No small task, but doable.

A second mountain monument is on the Intifa target list. Stone Mountain depicts Jefferson Davis, “Stonewall” Jackson and Robert E. Lee. It must be scrubbed clean. Sand blasted.

And there are other notable persons who may not escape Intifa censure.

James Monroe owned 75 slaves.  So we need to rename the Monroe Doctrine.  Or, we could just continue to ignore it within that vast empty space in the public school curriculum called American History. There’s Monroe, Louisiana; but it was named after a steam-powered paddle-wheeler, theJames Monroe. That should give it a pass. But there’s no immunity for James Monroe High School in Los Angeles, California—unlikely it was named after the steam ship. Let’s rename it Vicente Fox High School. He was a President, once. And maybe again, if California secedes from the Union, as threatened.

We can’t forget James Madison. Little “Jemmy” owned many slaves. So Madison Square Garden must be renamed. And Madison, Wisconsin, home of one of the oldest progressive universities in America, will need new signage. How about Sanders, Wisconsin, after Bernie and Jane Sanders?  Unless Jane is convicted of fraud. Then it’s just Bernie, Wisconsin. A progressively proletariat sounding name. “Say, Comrade, where do you live in Wisconsin?” “I live in Bernie.”

There’s nothing new in targeting slave-holder Andrew Jackson for removal from the currency. That’s been discussed. The Washington Post reported him on the hit list two years ago:

“Few people would quarrel with the Treasury’s decision Thursday to honor a distinguished woman with a spot on one of the most commonly used bills of America’s currency. But by pushing aside Alexander Hamilton’s image to make room for a woman on the $10 bill—instead of replacing Andrew Jackson’s image on the $20 bill—the Obama administration has committed a grave historical injustice.”


Continued below…

“A grave historical injustice.”  Yet another profound insight from the American History experts atWaPo. Had the Obama regime known that Hamilton would denounce Trump from a Broadway play stage after Trump’s election, Alex might not have been so unjustly dissed by the former regime.

Intifa need not tar-n’-feather Woodrow Wilson. Students at Princeton have already protested his racist tendencies; but, amazingly, Princeton did not curl up in the fetal position and fully yield to their demands.  Perhaps because Woody was the first fully progressive President of the 20thCentury. By the way, Charlottesville, Virginia Mayor Michael Signer is a lecturer in the Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics at the University of Virginia. How did that elude Intifa attention?

In the urgency to purge history, a few white supremacists will likely be missed. Here are just three:

(1) Although his wife owned four slaves, U.S. Grant freed his only personal slave, William Jones, in 1859, as war neared. Nevertheless, it’s just that we remove his man-on-horseback statue from Grant Park in Chicago and change the park’s name; perhaps by selling lottery tickets whereby the winner gets to pick the new park name, yielding much needed revenue for another big blue American city going bankrupt.

Grant framed the coming Civil War in economic terms. That is very un-PC. In a letter to Frederick Dent, dated April 19, 1861, he wrote:

“The North do not want, nor will they want, to interfere with the institution [of slavery]. But they will refuse for all time to give it protection unless the South shall return soon to their allegiance, and then too this disturbance will give such an impetus to the production of their staple, cotton, in other parts of the world that they can never recover the control of the market again for that commodity.  This will reduce the value of negros so much that they will never be worth fighting over again…………………………… MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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