Bannon’s Time Is Up The Daily Caller ^ | 8-17-2017 | Roger Stone

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Bannon’s Time Is Up
The Daily Caller ^ | 8-17-2017 | Roger Stone

Posted on 8/18/2017, 12:32:13 PM by Bratch

Steven K. Bannon, the swashbuckling former Goldman Sachs banker and press baron of Breitbart news who calls himself “Chief Strategist” of Trump’s historic campaign, is in deep trouble within the Trump White House.

To be clear, I am no fan of National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster whose globalist views and hires are negating the foreign policy the President ran on.

I am one who had publicly defended Bannon from false charges of racism and anti-Semitism yet I have concluded he is a spent force, never being willing to spend his political capital to help his friends and in some cases helping empower the very Globalists he claims to oppose.

In fact, I rather like Bannon who has his roguish charm. I am proud to write for Breitbart and I did his SIRIUS radio show many times. His Libertarian-tinged world view is much like mine, yet we both understand the threat of Islamic terrorism and the consequences of open borders.

I even named Steve one of the Ten Worst Dressed Men in the World in the 2015 Mr. Stone’s International Best and Worst Dressed List. The tradition of the list was picked up from the late Mr. Blackwell and it’s now in its eleventh year. Bannon was so proud of the award that he forwarded the link to his friends.

It is more in sadness than in anger that I conclude that Steve Bannon has failed to look out for the Trump constituency, while establishment “never Trumpers ” line up for cushy jobs and prestigious ambassadorships. Not understanding that “personnel is policy”, Bannon refused to fight for any of his allies or those who helped get Trump elected. It’s as if Steve felt the grubby business of patronage was below him.

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