The Second Civil War Update (Vol. 3)……  ~  “…It’s me again; the black man sitting on the watchtower; the same who stated the Second Civil War is not coming. It is already here, being waged in full since noon on January 20, 2017….” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Second Civil War Update (Vol. 3)
self | By J. Johnson

Posted on 8/18/2017, 12:49:51 PM by jimjohn

It’s me again; the black man sitting on the watchtower; the same who stated the Second Civil War is not coming. It is already here, being waged in full since noon on January 20, 2017.

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It was in the previous update where I made the following statement: “…For meetings and or protests, armed security/protection must be considered mandatory. This also goes for Republican public officials, famous persons, donors, activists, etc. If you are not them or even have minor disagreements, you are considered fair game…”Fast forward to Charlottesville, VA Aug 12, 2017.

It’s me again; the black man sitting on the watchtower; the same who stated the Second Civil War is not coming. It is already here, being waged in full since noon on January 20, 2017. The same man who had to listen to his stepmother opening wishing for Trump’s assassination in front of all of us (She watches CNN a lot). Before I begin, I will take a break from my overall threat assessment and give my opinion on the events over the statues, the battles and the Confederacy overall:


I don’t care.

As for the statues: I don’t drive through the `hood worried about being assaulted (or aborted) by a dead Confederate.

As for the events in Charlotteville: Witnessed it before. Just because folks may be protesting against something I don’t agree with doesn’t give me the right to put them in a hospital or worse. More on that later.

And as for the Confederacy, allow me to address our enemy directly: If concrete statues that have stood for over 100 years bothers you this much, perhaps you really didn’t win the First Civil War after all. Think about it.

With that said, let’s go over what we’ve learned this week that the propaganda mill (read: old media) will never admit:

Violence, as a means to a political end is acceptable form of discourse in present society. How soon we forget about the enemy opening fire in an attempt to mass murder Congressmen.

Read that again, and let it sink in. This is what your enemy is openly stating. Oh, and by the way: I’ve seen all this before. Remember, this is a black guy talking.

Why? Because they are desperate. Their actions are not new. I have personally witnessed the aggressive and violent nature of our adversaries when they don’t get their way. They conducted themselves (often with paid mercenaries) in this fashion because to date, there has been very little response from the Real American, i.e., they haven’t suffered enough casualties from their behavior.

Our enemies are bullies. They will continue their assaults, has they have been escalating over the past 18 months. When I was young, I was told when dealing with bullies, select the biggest one, and send them home with an action they won’t forget until adulthood.

Long term survival and victory against this adversary depends on 3 points the Real American MUST keep in mind:

1) There is no ‘leading up to civil war’. We’re already in it.

2) You don’t have to choose sides. One has been chosen for you.

3) It’s not about Donald Trump. It’s about you.

You, Mr. and Ms. America, are the last line of defense against this evil that is consuming the world. Surrendering, compromising won’t do. Their goal is the destruction of the Constitution, and the nation that upholds it. If you think their sudden outrage over the Confederacy is a problem, just want until they take up the Native American Indian cause in full. If left un-checked, it will not be safe to fly U.S. flags.

But as we study history, we learn that wars were won when the one side decided to take the battle to the enemy. Examples include the legend of the Trojan Horse, George Washington crossing the Delaware, Sherman’s march on the South, Hamburg, Dresden, Hiroshima & Nagasaki. These were turning points of wars. What will the turning point by for the Real American?

Ans: On the day the Real American(s) takes the battle directly to the enemy.

Of course, there are those among us who state ‘violence is not an option’. This is a reasonable argument, so long as your enemy agrees with you.

Unlike your enemy, we cannot organize in groups, for it is against the law for our side to conduct themselves in an manner in which we become an army will to use lethal force to achieve our goals. However each of us are an army within ourselves, with not only the firepower, but the wherewithal to know who, what, when, how and most importantly – why they actions we take are just…

… which is one of the reasons I’m not in media anymore.

Just my $0.02.

jimjohn – OUT

Addendum: A warning to Real America: A confrontation is being planned and promoted by local Boston media. The flashpoint is planned at the Boston Common. Stay tuned…


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