Where is this Country Going? Is Civil War Inevitable? Is this the New Normal?

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Where is this Country Going? Is Civil War Inevitable? Is this the New Normal?
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Posted on 8/18/2017, 9:04:39 AM by davikkm

The events in Charlottesville and the media-hyped aftermath of it are being used to destroy the Trump presidency. All mainstream media guns are being pointed at the president in an effort to paint him and his followers as racists and bigots, thereby proving their point that this man is not suited for the office of the presidency.

Give me a break.

Propaganda news like NBC and NPR have no interest in reporting the facts about Charlottesville. They have chosen their distorted narrative and are sticking to it. Interviews of politicians on both sides of the aisle but mostly on the left are being used to produce their concocted result that this was all Trump’s fault somehow.

So the story goes… It was Trump’s fault for stirring up this racist crowd during the campaign last year. His tagline to “Make America Great Again” and put “America First” empowered these individuals to come out of the woodwork and impose their bigotry on the world. However, this is not the case.

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