Americans don’t trust the media, and for good reason……………………………………………………….! The Hill ^ | August 18,2017 | Sharyl Attkisson

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Americans don’t trust the media, and for good reason
The Hill ^ | August 18,2017 | Sharyl Attkisson

Posted on 8/21/2017, 10:45:43 AM by Hojczyk

Many Americans are eagerly watching the devolution of traditional news with relish because they agree with the prevailing narratives, whether based on true facts or imagined fiction. But others are growing skeptical of nearly every news item they see or read. Some have stopped consuming news altogether.

That serves the goal of the interests that are pulling our strings. It’s in the PR playbook. If they can do nothing more than confuse an issue, they’ve accomplished their mission. They throw so much information into the mix that ordinary people disregard all of it, including the truth that would have damaged the interests.

I think there are millions of people, particularly those who live outside of Washington, D.C., New York City and Los Angeles, who would like their news straight up: News that they don’t have to discount because they’re placing odds on the political and corporate interests of the reporters. Yet, we don’t hear these desires because we’re trapped in an echo chamber of our own creation.

I’m commonly asked, “Can ‘the news’ be fixed?” In simple terms, there are two components necessary to do so: We must correctly identify (and admit) our problem, and then take steps to correct it.

We have yet, as an industry, to take step one.

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