happelle-Nadal Faces the Wrath of Her Own Party after Trump Assassination Post IWB ^ | Mark Angelides…………………………………….!

Chappelle-Nadal Faces the Wrath of Her Own Party after Trump Assassination Post
IWB ^ | Mark Angelides

Posted on 8/21/2017, 11:03:50 AM by davikkm

The Missouri Senator who said “I hope Trump is assassinated” is facing a major backlash from the Democrat party who believe that either she has really gone way too far, or are protecting their electoral chances for 2018. Leading Dems have said that “She will either resign, or we will make that decision for her.”

Under the Missouri Constitution, there is a section that refers to penalties for lawmakers guilty of “contempt and disorderly conduct.” And this certainly falls under that category. But perhaps the worst aspect of this ever increasing omnishambles is that she steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that she has done anything wrong.

Despite MSM sources saying she has apologized, her interview with KMOX’s Carol Daniel, says otherwise:

“There is no way in hell that I’m resigning. There are legislators who have cheated on their wives; they have smoked in the legislature, in the state capitol. If they have not been asked to resign for those acts, which I do believe that cheating on your wife or your spouse is immoral, I am not resigning for a mistake that I made and that I’m owning up to.”

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