Mexican sewage warfare blocking border enforcement, agent warns…………………………..!

Mexican sewage warfare blocking border enforcement, agent warns
American Thinker ^ | 08/21/2017 | Monica Showalter

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Are the Mexicans using “sewage warfare” against U.S. Border Patrol agents?  A top Border Patrol agent warns that something isn’t right out there.

Christopher J. Harris, senior patrol agent at the Border Patrol and a top official with Local 16 of the National Border Patrol Council, told an American Freedom Alliance conference Sunday in Los Angeles that the situation in Imperial Beach, where Mexican raw sewage is being pumped onto San Diego beaches with impunity, is more than just ruined beaches and noxious smells, as the media have reported.  It’s a toxic hazard to those who serve in the capacity of border security.

“Agents come to me with chemical burns, with shoelaces and bootlaces that have dissolved. You don’t get to that area on border,” Harris said, without encountering the toxic sludge.

For Harris, who works with the Border Patrol’s union, it’s an unacceptable risk for agents whose jobs already are some of the most dangerous in the country.  Referring to the rocks and gunfire border agents regularly encounter as they go up against human traffickers and smuggling cartels, he said: “We are willing to be assaulted, but we not willing to work in a chemical dump,” he said.  “It’s chemicals in four or five areas, and you can smell it.”

He said that thus far, there has been very little official interest in resolving the situation as the Mexicans continue to release the toxic sewage into San Diego.

“It’s chemicals. We need help with that and ask the EPA to come forward and do something for that,” Harris said, but nothing so far has been forthcoming.

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