Why It’s Becoming Cool to Live in Your Car – Or a 150-sq. ft. Apartment………………………………!

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Why It’s Becoming Cool to Live in Your Car – Or a 150-sq. ft. Apartment
The Christian Science Monitor ^ | August 21, 2017 | Jessica Mendoza

Posted on 8/22/2017, 10:23:20 AM by Jagermonster

High housing costs have prompted some in the middle and upper classes to rethink what they value – and be willing to give up the rest.

SEATTLE; AND LOS ANGELES — When Shawna Nelson leaves her office in Seattle’s suburbs, she does what 28-year-olds often do: dines with friends, goes out dancing, or sees a show. Sometimes she hits her swanky gym.

But at the end of the night Ms. Nelson always returns to Dora, the dusty Ford Explorer she calls home. In the back, where a row of seats should be, lies a foam mattress covered with fuzzy animal-print blankets. Nelson keeps a headlamp handy for when she wants to read before bed. Then, once she’s sure she won’t get ticketed or towed, she turns in for the night.

“I still strive to have some sort of routine,” says Nelson, who started living in her car about a year ago. “Would I rather spend $1,200 on an apartment that I’m probably not going to be at very much, or would I rather spend $1,200 a month on traveling?”

For her, it was an easy choice.

She’s not alone. As housing costs soar, US communities have faced ballooning homelessness, declining homeownership, and tensions over gentrification. But the rising expense of homes, when combined with the demographic, cultural, and technological trends of the past decade, has also prompted a more positive phenomenon: smaller, leaner living. This conscious shift, mainly among portions of the middle and upper classes, springs from a desire to live more fully with less.

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