9/11: “THE BALLAD OF MIKE MORAN” (The Fireman Song)

9/11: “THE BALLAD OF MIKE MORAN” (The Fireman Song)
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Posted on 9/11/2017, 10:18:10 AM by doug from upland

Written right after hearing fireman Mike Moran, at the Concert for New York, tell Osama bin Laden to “Kiss my royal Irish ass.” Chris Storc saw it, worked with me to tweek it, and he got together the group to sing it.

The tune was sent to Hannity, he played it on the air, and said he had 5,000 requests for it.

Mike lost his older brother, Battalion Commander and FReeper John Moran on 9/11. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike and some FReepers at a New York Irish pub a year or so later to hoist a beer and sing the song.


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