The Divisions on the Right: New Right vs. Alt-Right IWB ^ | Robert Carbery

The Divisions on the Right: New Right vs. Alt-Right
IWB ^ | Robert Carbery

Posted on 9/11/2017, 9:37:38 AM by davikkm

The Alt-Right has been a term that has triggered the Left in America. There are many misconceptions about who is involved in this new and polarizing movement. But it is growing in mentions in the media because it is growing in prominence. However, there are many different sections of the Alt-Right and it is very different from an even newer movement called the New Right.

Ali A. Akbar in Medium wrote an enlightening piece recently differentiating the two and detailing who they really are.

The New Right is a populist and nationalist coalition of disgruntled Republicans, put off Democrats, contrarians, meme lovers and producers, and other disappointed conservatives. They are united by the belief that the status quo big government as usual policies pouring out of DC over recent decades has not worked. This group helped push President Trump over the finish line last November and has coalesced since his monumental victory over crooked Hillary Clinton.

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