BANNON’S ’20 YEARS’ REMARK:3-4 phases of big state elimination

BANNON’S ’20 YEARS’ REMARK:3-4 phases of big state elimination

Posted on 9/12/2017, 1:34:11 PM by DIRTYSECRET

This is from yesterday. My hope was that Trump could have started by eliminating Obamacare + his directives. Let America know his legacy is one of resentment. Eliminate Bush/Clinton POLICIES such as the Patriot Act, No Child Behind and all that other crap-mostly Bush’s. Property confiscation.

After Nov. 2018: With big majorities eliminate the Great Society as much as possible. The key is how many Senate seats we can pick up. That’s OUR job.

2020: Reelection coattails. Take us back to B4 FDR grew government.

BIG LAST: Eliminate the 16th and 17th Amendment. Income taxes/Senate elections. That’s where it all started. The damage done is best explained in Robert Curry’s article in on Sept. 7.

Trump will take the arrows on our behalf. SCOTUS appointments, 4% growth. He’s the one who can throw the left a bone from time to time to calm them down a bit. I’m talking inexpensive(social) stuff. Revisiting sentencing guidelines for drug use, questioning the morality of capital punishment even support of gay marriage. Even TALK about reparations for those born BEFORE the civil rights act. $20k(think Japanese). Get credit for going there(think John Kerry Viet Nam)Remember Reagan never prevented an abortion.

My friends I hope your responses are not one-line reactions like most of mine are. This is our opportunity. Timing is everything. So is a few bucks going to Senate elections that are WINNABLE. It’s us and Trump. Can’t count on elected RINO’s. Thank you all.


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