ABOUT THE WIND and THE LION By R.W. Gaines Gny Sgt USMC (Ret.) November 22 2004 at 1:02 PM

ABOUT THE WIND and THE LION By R.W. Gaines Gny Sgt USMC (Ret.)

November 22 2004 at 1:02 PM
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By R.W. Gaines Gny Sgt USMC (Ret.)
November 21, 2004I recently again viewed the film The Wind And The Lion, 1975, (Sean Connery, Candice Bergen), and I noticed that although the story was set in the year 1904, the Marine Corps battle color shown was the one w/the scarlet background, not the battle color w/the blue background as would be correct for that time. As you all know, the background color for the USMC battle color was changed from blue to scarlet in 1925, although it did not become completely effective till 1939. Also noticed the same error in another film, Shores Of Tripoli (John Payne, Randolph Scott). in this case, the blue battle color vice the scarlet was shown on the occasion of the beginning of WW II and Pearl Harbor. Decided to check into the events of the The Wind and The Lion plot to see whether or not the story line of this film had any basis in fact, and perhaps discover what else they had gotten wrong…

Here’s what I found.
Dick Gaines
“May 30, 1904 — The bandit chieftain, Raisouli, kidnapped a naturalized American citizen, Ion Perdicaris, in Morocco. President Roosevelt informed the Moroccan government that we wanted “Perdicaris alive or Raisouli dead” and landed Captain J.T. Myers’s Marine detachment from the cruiser USS Brooklyn (ACR 3) at Tangier. Shortly thereafter, Raisouli released Pedicaris.”
The above incident involving Pedicaris and Raisouli is not specifically mentioned in “Who’s Who In The Marine Corps” (below), however it does indicate Capt Myers’s Marine Detachment on the USS Brooklyn during that period.
-Dick Gaines1904: ‘Pedicaris Alive Or Raisuli Dead’

“Long before there were suicide bombers, Osama bin Laden or chants of “Death to the Great Satan,” a Trenton man named Ion Perdicaris became the 20th century’s first American victim of Middle Eastern terrorism.

It all happened in 1904, when the 64-year-old Perdicaris and his stepson found themselves taken hostage from their villa in Tangier, Morocco by a scruffy band of rifle-toting Berber tribesmen on horseback.




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