House Agrees To $1.6 Billion For Border Wall

House Agrees To $1.6 Billion For Border Wall ^ | 9/14/17 | Robert

Posted on 9/14/2017, 3:52:18 PM by ColdOne

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Thursday that will provide $1.2 trillion to fund the government past Sept. 30, and will allocate $1.6 billion towards President Donald Trump’s border wall.

The legislation gives $658.1 billion to the Department of Defense, $44.3 billion for the Department of Homeland Security and allocates the rest of the money towards other federal agencies. The bill lops all 12 annual spending bills into two one piece of legislation.

If Congress failed to act by the Sept. 30 deadline, portions of the government would be forced to shut down and all non-essential government employees will forgo payment until they reached an agreement. The bill now makes its way to the Senate for approval.

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