California School Would Like Students To Stop “Intolerant” Chants Of “USA!”

California School Would Like Students To Stop “Intolerant” Chants Of “USA!”
Hotair ^ | 9/15/17

Posted on 9/15/2017, 10:25:38 AM by Liberty7732

Folsom, California is a suburb of Sacrament, probably best known for the iconic Folsom Prison of Johnny Cash fame. It’s also home to Vista Del Lago High School where a different sort of trouble is brewing. Teachers and administrators are worried about threatening chants which have broken out during school sporting events and other gatherings.

The offensive speech in this case consists of chants of “USA!” which erupt from the crowd at moments of great excitement. And yes, while it seems to boggle the imagination, that particular chant has been described as being potentially inappropriate and intolerant. (CBS Sacramento)

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