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Fake News continues to make the truth all but impossible to ferret out.

Citizen Focus Needed To Save America


The destructive hatred against America brought from the streets of Chicago into the White House continues without cease eight months after outgoing President Barack Hussein Obama so hypocritically pretended to wish President Donald Trump well.

It’s a palpable hatred that is not only gathering steam but is now taking us all into the surreal.

The mainstream media waits breathlessly for Obama to make his first address since leaving office to the nation’s impressionable young in Chicago as if he were still the nation’s Commander in Chief.

The MSM continues to interview Hillary Clinton as if she were still running for president and never rejected.

Incredibly, the poisonous legacies of both Obama and Clinton are being advanced by the media as if this deadly duo were still calling the shots.


In other words, the blueprint they hammered out in every minute detail for the past eight years is coming to pass—even as both are officially out of public office.

Who cares about any of the 32 reasons Clinton claims she lost the election?  Who needs to read about it in ‘What Happened’?  We’ve heard it a zillion times or more from her supporters since last November.

While Hillary is crying herself a river, this has been the nauseating “News”  in only the last few days:

Chelsea Manning, the transgender former U.S. army soldier convicted of leaking classified information data, was graced by Harvard University with the status of a “visiting fellow”.

As if naming Manning as a Harvard Fellow is not the same as endorsing her!

Thanks to CIA director Mike Pompeo,  who decided not to speak at a school-sponsored forum that was scheduled for the same day, the university rescinded the honor early today.  (NY Daily News, Sept. 15, 2017)

“Harvard Kennedy School has rescinded its invitation to Chelsea Manning to be a visiting fellow at the school this fall, according to a statement from its dean, Douglas W. Elmendorf. (CNN, Sept. 15, 2017)

“Its Institute of Politics had announced on Wednesday that Manning would be one of approximately 10 visiting fellows, but the school withdrew the offer early Friday morning following controversy.

“Manning is still invited to spend a day at the Kennedy School and participate in a forum with students, but Elmendorf said in a statement that designating her as visiting fellow was “a mistake.”

“He said the school hadn’t intended to honor her or “endorse any of her words or deeds, as we do not honor or endorse any Fellow.”

As if naming Manning as a Harvard Fellow is not the same as endorsing her!…





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